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After Pompeii, we mostly roamed around Naples, wandering into churches, eating in various restaurants, and browsing through the streets.

Just a short walk from where we stayed on Via Duomo was Cattedrale di San Gennaro, which was one of the churches we wandered through while it poured down rain, giving us a break from the wet. Cattedrale di San Gennaro is a Roman Catholic cathedral and the seat of the Archbishop of Naples. It was finished in the 14th century. The artwork on the ceiling, dome, and altar are stunning.

We walked down toward the waterfront one day to find a gluten free restaurant we’d found online. We all loved this one street that was just very picturesque in the middle of such a large city


One of my fun finds. I love Bialettis, and this one is huge! Not to mention great for Christmas 🙂

We also took the Naples Underground tour, which is fascinating. You descend into the first tunnels and your guide takes you through discussing the history from WWII to the Romans, even the Roman theatre that is mostly buried beneath the houses that now stand in this part of central Naples. In the picture below, they were studying various plants and how they grow underground. The guys above ground while you wait for your tour are rather rude, but stick it out. It was very entertaining.

Overall, we really enjoyed Naples, though Herculaneum and Pompeii were the best parts of the holiday. We did enjoy some aspects of the city, but it made me sad how much trash was around the city, big piles surrounding dumpsters. It really detracts from how lovely it is.


Next up . . . Barcelona!


2 thoughts on “Expat’s Travel Guide: Naples, cont…

  1. Glynis says:

    Gorgeous! I love the lit halo round the head of the figure in the church!
    And were those Bridget Jones pants hanging in the restaurant? Haha!
    I didn’t expect to see colourful flowers growing underground either!
    What an amazing place. Thank you for sharing and I do hope that eventually we can leave home and you will get to see more!
    Meanwhile stay safe!


    1. I love the halo too! I just thought the clothes hanging from the ceiling were hysterical. Who thinks to decorate their restaurant with a loaded clothes line, much less Bridget Jones granny panties!

      I would love to see more, but I have a feeling we’re going to get out of this quarantine, they’ll stick us on a plane, and we’ll be back in the US! So much for the expat. I’ll miss her! Thanks, Glynis!


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