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Have you ever read an interview and wished you could ask your own question?

Then you will love my new addition to my site, Ask the Author!

Basically, it is going to work like this- I will announce the name of an author to be interviewed and everyone can send me messages with questions.  The author will of course promote the event, but do not send them your questions directly.  We may do giveaways and such and anonymous questioning will be necessary.  I will leave the post announcing the author up on my page for a week, meanwhile reminding you incessantly on Facebook and Twitter to send me your questions.  When the week is up, I will compile the list of your most ardent queries and then send them on to the author who will answer and send it all back to me to post.  Obviously, any obscene, inappropriate, or offending questions/comments will not be used, so please spare me having to read them in the first place!

So, who is the first author to brave the perils of Ask the Author?


 It is none other than Sarah Johnson, author of Chosen (Leaving Bennet Behind, Book 1), Snowstorms and Kissing Games, Captains Log, and the upcoming– Just to Hear I Love You.

Now, what do you want to ask Sarah?  Message me your question through my facebook account or leave a comment at the end of this post and I will pose it to her for her answer!  So simple!

That’s not all, folks!  Sarah is offering a giveaway!


Heck, I love giveaways!  I also know you all love giveaways, so Sarah is willing to contribute one ebook to a lucky reader.  But wait…There is a catch!  Hate me if you dare, but my idea is for Sarah to choose her favorite question posed and the person who posed that question will win the ebook.  If you want to leave a comment on this page with your question that is fine, I will copy your question and hold the comment so Sarah has no idea who posed that question.  All questions will be posted to this page after Sarah chooses the winner.  You can also message me the question through facebook.  I plan on typing up the questions and emailing them to Sarah without any names attached, so then as she answers the questions, she will pick the question she likes the best without knowing who the winner is until I make the announcement.  The winner will win a copy of Sarah’s new ebook, Just to Hear I Love You. 

So, you have one week starting now!  Message me your questions!


2 thoughts on “Ask the Author

  1. Suzan Lauder says:

    I know you created a five-book series from a long story with one main plot line. That must have been daunting, and I’m curious about the how you eventually “saw” each book peel off the main story. Can you outline the a-ha moments, those that helped you realize your direction and allowed the series to become reality?


  2. Regina Silvia says:

    Where do your ideas for an alternate view for a classic come from? How do you go about “dreaming up” a new storyline for these characters?


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