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It’s been quiet on my blog, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been quiet. Far from it in fact. I have been hard at work on several things I hope will make my readers happy.

The Expat has been around and about, but I have been hoarding a bit until I figure out exactly how I am going to use my new experiences. I have several possibilities coming up—

I have a guest post coming up in December for Austen Variations. I believe it goes up on December 12th to be exact. I also have a guest post on Cat T. Gardiner’s blog in January. I have even plugged out a rough draft of that to edit over the next month or so.

Then, there is the Peculiar Ramblings newsletter that I contribute to monthly. I’m still wracking my brain to decide what my December contribution will be. Sarah, Zoe, Eileen, Rose, and I are writing a story together, which has become rather fun.

So, I have been storing my photos and ideas while I write those pieces. I don’t want to bore you by posting the same thing at Austen Variations and at Cat’s blog as I post here!

As you can read, I have been attempting to stay on top of everything!

That said, do not think I haven’t been writing. My keyboard has been far from quiet, and I’m happy to announce that

I wrote the last line of Chapter 30 on An Unwavering Trust

I screamed as soon as I realised that was it. I’m not exactly done as I have an epilogue I need to add, but the main portion of the story is DONE!!!!!!

Now, to finish with the edits!


And the cover…….. I’ll let you wait a bit on that!


4 thoughts on “A Quiet Blog but a not so Quiet Keyboard

  1. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    All but the epilogue???? Fantastic! I can’t wait to read it. Keep up the good work. Jen Red


    1. And I’m trying to get that wrapped up too! Now I’m at the mercy and schedule of my betas! Hopefully, it won’t be too long!


  2. suzanlauder says:

    I’m so excited, but I’ve been a bad beta! I set a goal for myself to finish my set of chapters yesterday and didn’t meet it! I don’t have much left to go through, but we’re out of town again and I’m exhausted every day. The next two days I’ll be fighting traffic of Americans up for good shopping deals (our dollar sucks right now) and drunken Canadians in town for the Grey Cup, the national championship final for Canadian football, while I shop for stuff for The Regency Thrift Shop Fashion Experiment. I found a discount ribbon store!!! Any spare time I have will be reading this great new story, which has this weird name, “Newbie.” Go figure. I expected some snogging by now, but the author is a meany!


    1. Well…there is a name, but I’ve been lazy and not labelling the files with it. Newbie is just so much easier to label than “An Unwavering Trust.” You’ll get some snogging! Just give Darcy some time to figure things out….or stop analysing things quite so much. He’s really trying to be such a gentleman!

      Lisa flooded me with edits last night, which I’m filtering through now, and I have edits from Kristi that I have ignored for the last week to finish. I feel so much better when I’m not trying to stay ahead of you guys! I need to start prepping the chapters so when you and Kristi get all meticulous on me, it’s not so marked up! 😉


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