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It’s December already! Where has all of the time gone?

For those unaware from my last post, I am now in editing for An Unwavering Trust! Woohoo! I managed to complete all 30 chapters and epilogue last week, and I am trying to work ahead of my betas and get those edits done!

December’s Ask the Author victim is up and Pamela Lynne is ready to answer your questions, so get those in! Just check out the Pamela’s Ask the Author page and leave your question in the comments or message me on Facebook. Those who ask questions are entered in a drawing for an ebook of Pamela’s new book, Dearest Friends.

If you already own Dearest Friends, don’t be sad, there’s a giveaway for you too! Just tell us if you’ve already bought her book. Oh! And comments on the finished interview will get you another chance to win, so don’t forget to check back when the interview is posted.

Outside of my blog, I am still contributing to the Peculiar Ramblings newsletter monthly, so if you want to sign up, check out fellow author Sarah Johnson’s Facebook page and blog. She posts links all of the time! If only I had an idea for this month!

Also, look out for me at Austen Variations! I have a guest post that is supposed to be posted on December 12! So excited they asked me to post there this month, so excited, I posed two possible articles. One is done, but I am hoping to work on the next today. (*crosses fingers*)

That said, it’s time to get going for the day!

One thought on “December Preview!

  1. Zoe Burton says:

    Pam, I see that you are doing a sequel or something. When will it be out? Will Mary and Sebastian *finally* get together in there somewhere? I can kill their spouses off for you if you like! 😉 I already have a Kindle copy of DH…and I read it immediately. 🙂


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