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This morning as I was debating whether to get out of bed or to stay under my nice cozy comforter, I was thinking of some of the clever ideas some people have had for their blogs.  I thought about a comment made on one of my photos on facebook that thanked me for posting photos for those who will never make it and I had an idea.  It may not be original by some standards, but it will be original to me.  My husband had thought of me collecting photos from around Britain and compiling them into a book.   There was a theme involved and such, and if I manage to compile the right photos, I might do it, but for now, I think I’ll stick with “The Expats Travel Guide”.  I may post more often at the beginning as I go back to May and post photos and observations from arriving here to the different places we visit along the way.  It will mostly be Britain, but given most of my followers are Janeites, I do not believe many of you will complain.  

I hope I do not offend any UK friends with my commentary, and I hope the rest of you might find some inspiration or get a kick out of it.


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