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Seriously, the place is beautiful!  To quote Mrs Gardiner, “If it were merely a fine house richly furnished,” said she, “I should not care about it myself; but the grounds are delightful. They have some of the finest woods in the country.”  Woods, a lake, temples, huge trees and I’ve heard that in spring the bluebells in the woods are beautiful.  I want to go back!  

IMGP6479 IMGP6453 IMGP6365

It was an amazing 2 mile walk around the lake!

I am writing and up to chapter 16 on the newest book.  I’m excited about it.  It has some familiar components, I think, but taken in a completely different context.  Hopefully, everyone else will like it too!  

Lastly, I began a facebook profile under Leslie L. Diamond (L.L. Diamond) for anyone who wants to friend request me.  I had the author page you “like,” but most people seem to want to be friends instead.  That’s okay, I can deal with that!

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