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Everything is changing!  When I created this blog, I imagined someone stumbling upon it every once in a while, but it didn’t really have direction other than writing.  Now that I’ve graduated and I don’t have school projects–a design website–due, I have had more time to spruce this one up.  Wordpress and I have kind of a love-hate relationship.  I always search through all of the options and never really see what I think is correct, and then I gripe about it for a while only to accidentally stumble upon it later.  Well, either I stumble across it or someone shows me.

I fully admit to rigging the header so I can use the background.  I know in web design, if you want an extra block of color, you add a <div> to your HTML and then put it in CSS, but I can’t access HTML.  I’m sure there’s a way of doing it, and when I one day get told or figure it out, I will share it with you so you can laugh with me.  Anyway, I’ve been sprucing things up and now it looks much more like a legitimate blog rather than something I threw together after doing my homework (*whistles while attempting an innocent look*).

I’m enjoying “The Expats Travel Guide.”  I go back and look up the history of these places and I learn even more about them. It’s been a win all around.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some of it.  I hope you have too.

The big new news is my new “Ask the Author” segment!  I’m so excited for this!  I did not want to post the same questions as other blogs, and it would take too long to research everyone else’s anyway, so you ask what you want to know.  Our first victim is Sarah Johnson, author of Chosen (Leaving Bennet Behind: Volume 1), Snowstorms and Kissing Games, Captains Log, and the upcoming Just to Hear I Love You.  I am looking for people to message me questions right now, so check out my facebook page and send me a message!

I have also put up a spot for Guest Posts.  Do not feel like or have the time for an interview?  Then post an excerpt from your newest book, write a special scene, or tell us about something neat you learned during your research.  I am sure this crowd will appreciate something new from time to time!

I’m writing this post at 4am and I cannot sleep, so I had best try to catch some zzzz’s before I am expected to wake up!

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