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Another quick bit! This one from Particular Attachments!

December 26th 1816

The Yule log was still burning in the grate and the candle’s flame still shone in the dining room when I retired last night. Uncle Henry and Aunt Charlotte, as well as my cousin Milton and his wife, Amelia, joined us for Christmas services and shared the delicious dinner Cook prepared. The day was a wonderful time for our family, though I do wish Milton and Amelia had brought Hugh and baby Cecilia with them as William would have much preferred a playmate his own age to the familiar company of Lydia and myself. Richard arrived in time for the meal and engaged in his usual antics, teasing us all and indulging in Fitzwilliam’s supply of brandy.

Lizzy, Lydia, and I drank wassail and played cards with Aunt Charlotte. After dinner, Lizzy, Amelia, and I all played the pianoforte and Lydia sang. I never knew she had such a clear, strong voice hidden behind her girlish giggles. I shall have to tempt her to sing in company when I have the first opportunity. She has hidden her talent in Meryton, which was a grave mistake. Those awful harpies need to see Lydia’s accomplishments have expanded and are no longer limited to flirting!

Thus far, I have been able to avoid Lydia’s inquisition over what occurred in Gunter’s, but I know she will not relent for long. I enjoy having a sister closer to my age in which to confide, yet I am appalled to have had nightmares and spoken in my sleep while in her company. I confess I had hoped the dreams that began more in earnest when I made the decision to come to London would be held at bay by the presence of another. I was wrong.

How much does she know? When I first made the acquaintance of Lydia Bennet, I would not have confided in her unless I desired all of England to hear my secrets, but I believe her now to be sincere. She has assured me of her silence, and has, thus far, kept her word.

She placed the ribbon along the binding, but left the journal open so the words might dry. With a sigh, she again read through the entry. Careful of the wet ink, she then turned back two pages.

I could scarce believe my eyes when I searched for the gentleman Lydia found so handsome and discovered Nathaniel. Indeed, his tall frame was difficult to miss as he stood across the room. I find myself amazed at how little he has changed. He has grown taller and has acquired other attributes which distinguish him from the boy he once was, yet I could see the boy I knew in the eyes of the man—particularly when he smiled.

Could his manner be much the same as it was? I dread meeting him face to face because of his antics when we were children. Why do irrational fears seem to be my lot in life? He would not be respected among his peers if he persisted in stealing the dolls of young girls, pulling curls, and proclaiming himself betrothed to them all. 

Despite my twenty years, I remain a silly girl!

2 thoughts on “Revisiting the Holidays

  1. Glynis says:

    Thank you Leslie! I loved the image you created. Both these books are on my reread list and should be coming up shortly! Happy New Year to you and yours 🎉


  2. sheilalmajczan says:

    I have this story on my TBR pile – must get to it.


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