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Today’s excerpt is a short but heartfelt letter from Undoing!

December 14th 1809

Dearest Lizzy,

Thank you for your letter informing me of Thomas’s latest episode. Since you were not witness to his last, I am certain it was frightening. Georgiana and I are both heartbroken you will not be at Pemberley for the Christmastide, yet it is with a heavy heart that we decline your invitation to Worthstone.

Mr. Bingley and his sisters will break their journey to London at Pemberley before Christmas, and I have invited them to pass the season with us as I expected you to travel here. Though I would prefer to rescind the Bingleys’ invitation, it is too late to do so now.

Please convey our wishes to Thomas for a happy Christmas season. Of course, we do not exclude you in those wishes. We hope you have a blessed holiday season as well.

Georgiana and I intend to travel to London next month. I wish to give Georgiana some time with the masters, though I shall not venture out much to balls and dinners. As you are aware, I am not comfortable in those settings, so I am content that mourning Father will prevent my attendance. If Thomas is well enough to make the journey for the start of Parliament, pray send a note. We should dearly love to have you for dinner.

God Bless You,

Fitzwilliam Darcy

4 thoughts on “Revisiting the Holidays

  1. excitedreader says:

    “Undoing” is one of my favourite books 🙂
    Happy times<3


  2. Glynis says:

    I do so love this book! Who knew I could love a book where Elizabeth is married to someone else? But in this case she may never have got to know Darcy otherwise? Love it! Thank you 🥰🥰


  3. Michelle H says:

    Oh that book! What a story. An absolute gem. Gotta reread it soon. But I’m reading An Endeavor to be Worthy right now and I was hooked from the first page. I’m loving it. Congratulations on your newest gem.


  4. sheilalmajczan says:

    I read this book and rated it a 5 star review.


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