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Hi there, one and all! Tomorrow is the day Austen Variations holds its annual Summer Sale, and I’m offering a sneak peek of what I will have on sale from July 2-4. Make sure you stop by Austen Variations tomorrow because all of the links will be there waiting for you! The sale will feature books by Jennifer Altman, Jack Caldwell, Nicole Clarkston, Christina Morland, Joana Starnes, Marilyn Brant, Shannon Winslow, and of course me. So stop on by and check out all of the great deals!

In the meantime, here is what will be from me in the sale!


All Ellie ever dreamed of was the perfect vacation.

Ellie Barrett’s first glimpse of the island resort is everything she dreamed when she planned her long-awaited tropical getaway—sun, sand, and miles of brilliant aquamarine water. She’d made it! Two whole weeks to explore paradise. What could possibly be better?

Perhaps an athletic man in board shorts with a body to die for and a pair of stunning blue eyes? On her first evening, she meets William. Intelligent, amazing to talk to, and hot as sin, he’d never be interested in her, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the view while it lasted!

But perfection isn’t bound to last. What if William isn’t everything he seems? When love persists over all obstacles, is it enough? How can Ellie trust William and protect her heart at the same time?

It’s Always Been You is a flirty, fun, and remarkably satisfying contemporary romance! I cannot wait to spend more time in Marysville, South Carolina with these characters! – Austenesque Reviews 


Jena Barrett loves her perfect life. She has the best job in the world, a great place to live, and a best friend that she adores. The only hiccup is this wedding planner’s love life! However, when her sister Ellie suggests a remedy for Jena’s lack of significant other, the notion is so insane, it flips Jena’s universe off-kilter.

Brandon has always been the steady fixture in Jena’s life, her best friend. Even when he joined the Army out of high school, they never lost touch, picking up as though he never left the moment he returned. Now a local veterinarian, Brandon is the perfect man candy with his successful career, amazing personality, and a face and body no woman would kick out of bed—only he never dates. Not that she’s ever questioned why, at least not until now.

Could Ellie be right? Could he possibly be in love with her? If so, could Jena ever love him in the same way? The risk is huge. If everything blows up in her face, she could lose her best friend. But what if the train wreck doesn’t happen? What if Brandon is her missing piece, her happy ever after?

It’s Always Been Us is another vibrant and engaging contemporary romance by L.L. Diamond – perfect for summer! Ms. Diamond has a wonderful talent for creating likable characters, capturing charming small-town vibes, and crafting together a captivating modern-day romance!” – Austenesque Reviews 


If only he’d never come back!

Charlie didn’t mind being on her own. Heck, she’d been on her own since her high school sweetheart Jensen Worth left town for good after graduation. He obviously never looked back, so why should she? She had family and friends to keep her company. She certainly didn’t need a man in her life!

Thirteen years after Jensen left Marysville, he’s returned, joining the Marysville police force and reconnecting with the friends he left behind all those years ago—her friends. Why couldn’t he have simply stayed away? Her life was certainly much simpler without him around! The problem is he keeps turning up like a bad penny. Charlie not only has to bump into him around town, but to add insult to injury, her mother invites him for Thanksgiving. Can a little dog named Daphne, a family emergency, and pushy, meddling friends help break down that enormous wall around Charlie’s heart? Will Charlie be able to remain angry with the only man she’s ever loved, or God forbid, will she fall in love with him all over again? 

“Charlie and Jensen are a couple you cannot help but love and wish to see succeed! This contemporary Austen-inspired romance series by L.L. Diamond is full of charm, couples with chemistry, and Jane Austen connections! I highly recommend!” – Austenesque Reviews!


Single mother Maggie Dashwood has no time for distractions. She’s just been promoted from an assistant to a full-fledged wedding planner, and her six-year-old daughter, Harper, keeps her running. So, why do her grandmother and her co-workers insist that she needs a man in her life? After all, a man would do nothing more than to split that precious little bit of free time she manages to snare between weddings and Harper. They might also leave like Harper’s father. Why would she want to risk that?

After an accident, her grandmother’s matchmaking eyes hone in on hunky Elliot Martin, an EMT who’s best friends with Maggie’s boss Charlie. As far as her grandmother is concerned, Elliot is flirty, sexy, and an all-around great guy whose singular purpose of wooing Maggie fits perfectly with her plan of finding love for her granddaughter. Meanwhile, Maggie struggles to maintain her equilibrium as well as dry palms when he’s around.

When ghosts from Maggie’s past return and threaten her possible happily ever after, will Elliot be the rock she so desperately needs or will he leave like Harper’s father before him?

“This series has been amazing! I have loved every single one! Romance, danger, pure love! Wish I could give more than 5 stars!! Read in under a day! Can’t wait to read all four again!!! ” – Amazon Review


Fascinated upon a first acquaintance, the Earl of Matlock is a determined suitor, but Rebecca Fairchild is not so certain. The earl is kind, yet he is always so frustrating and stubborn! He is not what she had planned or what she ever imagined in a partner. Other ladies have also laid claim to the handsome Lord Matlock despite his preferences. Can he convince Rebecca he is her future or will other forces stand in the way of their happily ever after?

“All the characters in this tale were well-defined, strong, and memorable. Whenever I put this book down, my head would remain full of them for long periods after.” – Austenesque Reviews

“I fell in love with the Earl when Rebecca did.” – Obsessed by Mr. Darcy

2 thoughts on “Book Sale Starting Tomorrow!

  1. Glynis says:

    Such generosity Leslie! These books are a definite must for anyone who hasn’t enjoyed reading them yet! I absolutely love the Wedding Planner series and The Earl’s Conquest is a fabulous prequel to Unwavering Trust ❤️
    I myself have all of these as well as all your other books but I’ll check out the rest, who knows there might be something I don’t have! 😉


  2. sheilalmajczan says:

    I have read and enjoyed all those stories but thanks for your generosity.


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