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I finally did something touristy! Not a major trip or thing, but I tagged along on a trip to the Norwich Castle recently. I’ve been to the Cathedral (which is spectacular if you’ve never been) for Evensong during the Christmas season, but we just went for the morning and missed out on the castle.

The Norwich Castle is a 900 year old Norman castle originally started as a fortification according to our tour guide, but later the plans changed and it became a Royal Palace. Norwich Castle, today, is still the original structure, but instead of being just the castle, like most of the castles I’ve seen here, it is more a museum and art gallery.

When you enter the castle the centre-most portion is a cafe and stairwell. On the upper floor, there are exhibits for the Romans and Vikings, an exhibit honouring the Norfolk military, and the castle keep (the original part of the castle built). On the lower floor, there is a national history exhibit, an exhibit of Norfolk artists (including a Gainsborough!) and the Iceni and Boudica. I know I’ve left out bits and pieces, but we weren’t there for the entire day, so I did miss bits.

Also don’t forget to make it down to the dungeons for that portion of the exhibit as well. We had a guided tour of the castle keep, which added a lot to the experience as well. I understand there are also tours of the dungeons as well.

The castle is not huge and can be toured in a day without rushing. There’s a lot of variety and a good number of artefacts to enjoy and study. There’s so much in Norwich and a mall nearby the castle to enjoy when you are done with the castle. Definitely a fun day out!


Next up… Flatford! I know! I got out more than once!

3 thoughts on “Norwich Castle

  1. Carole in Canada says:

    The arches look like they were once windows or is that just the architecture? Love the Greek pot and the door!


    1. The Keep is part of the oldest section of the castle. I believe those are just architectural nothing more. There were distinct parts along the edge for other things and the tour guide told us if something was changed. One of the corners was originally supposed to be a stairway when it was a fortress, but when the next king changed the plans to a residence, he had that part made into a kitchen to prepare his food. Thanks, Carole!


  2. Sheila L. Majczan says:

    This is something we in the USA can’t do. Most of our building are not over 300 years old. You can find Native American cliff dwellings and some geological artifacts but nothing like this castle. It looks so well preserved and the china, pot and door are so lovely. Thanks for sharing. I would love to see that keep. My husband and I did visit Windsor Castle, Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace when we toured GB and did, also, tour the Tower of London. The jewels in the latter were magnificent and just seeing them up close was awesome…knowing the necks or heads upon which they rested in the past.


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