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Not that I haven’t posted this everywhere, but look what the UPS guy brought me today! I know, but I was really excited to get a look at the physical cover because it’s always a bit different than the Photoshop file. The back cover was a bit darker than I had planned (I actually lightened it a lot just before saving the file), but I don’t mind. I didn’t want the image there to distinct.

Anyway, so what’s planned with this release? I haven’t got too much planned so far. A far cry from the release of An Unwavering Trust. I really never expected this book just to fly out and onto paper like it did, though.

Here is what’s planned so far!

On release day, I have a post set up at Austen Variations with a giveaway. One e-book and one paperback are the possible prizes.

I am thinking of having a Facebook giveaway on release day as well, so watch out for that!

Meredith at Austenesque Reviews will be hosting me on the 23rd of November. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I need to get that going!

In the meantime, The Earl’s Conquest is up for pre-order at Amazon.com! The proof is approved for the paperback and also for the distributor that supplies to B&N, Kobo, and iBooks. All we now need is for October 28th to arrive!



2 thoughts on “Release Day is Less than a Week Away!

  1. tgruy says:

    Wonderful! Lovely cover!!


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