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What is in store for October? Well, I’ve been busy prepping and pulling things together, so there’s bound to be something big! We’ll start from the beginning of the month and move forward from there.

KaraMonday, the call for questions goes up for Ask the Author. Kara Louise is our guest/victim this month, so I’m certain everyone will want to submit a question or two. Someone is bound to be curious about one of her books!

I hope to get a few more expat posts up, though I feel as though I owe an apology to those who do follow my ramblings. I became side-tracked prepping The Earl’s Conquest for publication and it has almost taken over. I do promise to get a few posts up after Ask the Author is completed. I want to make sure Kara has your undivided attention for her interview. I just need to remember where I am on my trip. I think I was getting ready to tell you about Durham and Yorkshire–and then there’s Bath to add! I’ve been rambling a lot!

Last but certainly not least is the release of The Earl’s Conquest! Mark your calendars! October 28th is the day. Pre-order is up at Amazon, so don’t forget to reserve your copy. I doubt their estimate of 209 pages is correct, however, since I added a preview of the first two chapters of An Unwavering Trust in the event someone hasn’t read it. All I need to do is finish proof-reading  and formatting it!

Don’t forget to come back Monday for Kara!



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