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Me at St. Anthony's Chapel

Me at St. Anthony’s Chapel

We arrived at Edinburgh after driving through the rain all day on a Friday. The weather had cleared by the time we arrived in Edinburgh, so we walked down to the town centre for a look around and dinner.

The next morning, we visited the Georgian House, which is a National Trust property in Charlotte Square. It was disappointing that I was not allowed to take photos inside the house, but it was interesting to walk through. They have a great medicine box with labelled bottles of old remedies with a legend explaining what each cures. The kitchen was great as well. The guide explained how everything worked, which fascinated my children.

After lunch, we went to Holyrood Park for a walk and to catch a glimpse of Arthur’s Seat. I didn’t realise we would be so close, so one of my daughters and I were not wearing the proper shoes for a climb. We ended up climbing the neighbouring hill to look at St. Anthony’s Chapel. The climb is a bit steep in a couple of spots, but not a difficult one or a long one. The view is definitely worth the effort!

That evening, we returned to the town centre so my children could ride the ferris wheel and for dinner. Since we were in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, it was rather difficult to find a table for six, but a nice couple and their friend were kind enough to save us their table when they were ready to leave.

On Sunday, we spent the day at Edinburgh Castle, which has a lot of great places to see–the Great Hall, the Crown Jewels, and various war memorials. Then there are the views of Edinburgh, which vary depending upon where you are in the castle. It was an interesting place to visit and we enjoyed each of the different exhibits and views!

Some other things to do are The Royal Mile – we did walk down the Royal Mile while we were there. I enjoyed Rose Street, which is a pedestrian road with a multitude of pubs (We had a laugh at one named Dirty Dicks–especially because people would pose for pictures outside of it) and shops. Princes Street also has a view of the castle as well as a lot of shops and touristy things.

I wish I could’ve seen more of Edinburgh, but we left first thing Monday morning to visit a friend in Durham and to visit Yorkshire–which are up next!


6 thoughts on “Edinburgh

  1. JerryT says:

    Fascinating as always!


    1. Thanks, Jerry! I’m glad that you found my ramblings enjoyable!


  2. Michelle Hall says:

    Sounds great. I hope you like Durham. It is beautiful and the City of Newcastle upon Tyne is so worth a visit too if you get the chance!


    1. We actually did a little detour to Durham to visit a friend. She was great and showed us the cathedral and a bit of the town centre. It’s a beautiful city! We did drive through Newcastle upon Tyne on the way, but unfortunately, did not have enough time to stop and look around. Thanks, Michelle!


  3. suzanlauder says:

    I wish I’d known you were going there. I’d have gotten you to meet my cousin, who lives there, and her husband is a tour guide. They met when she was on holiday from Vancouver, BC, Canada and took his tour! He looks like a motorcyclist in a kilt!


    1. LOL! We muddled our way around. It’s always interesting muddling through because sometimes you see things you would’ve missed. WE do plan to go back when it isn’t festival time to try to see what we missed. Thanks, Suzan!


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