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July is upon us and it’s definitely summer here in England–I have the sunburn to prove it!

Anyway, as everyone has likely seen on my Facebook thread, I have returned from Jane Austen Regency Week with a ton of photos that I have posted. The group who attended from Austen Variations has posted their photos as well, and we will be blogging the event on the Austen Variations site over the next two weeks as well.

I have already blogged my impressions of the week here, but of course, the Expat will cover each location and a bit of the week as well. You can look forward to those.

For those awaiting Ask the Author, Maria Grace has graciously offered to answer your questions this month! Her new book, Mistaking Her Character is out at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, etc. Don’t forget to stop by and ask that nagging query you’ve always wanted to know! Call for questions goes out Monday, July 6, and Maria Grace has offered an e-book as a giveaway!

Other than the blog, I plan on writing! My calendar has cleared of travel–except for sightseeing on weekends, that is, and I look forward to attempting to get some of this in my head down in a document. We’ll see where that goes! 🙂

Hope you stop by and don’t forget to comment!


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