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May is here! May is here!

May might be just another month for most people, but I was born in May AND I have some great things happening this month!

First thing is first!

An Unwavering Trust comes out this month!!!

I have scheduled an official release date for May 30, but I will release it early if I get everything sorted before then. I just have some personal things coming up early this month and I don’t want to promise a date that I can’t deliver. Believe me, editing and formatting is something I would rather do than moving houses–even if it is just down the street!

With that book release comes a blog tour!


I’ve never done a blog tour before, but I thought I’d give it a go this time around. It should be a lot of fun, and I will be doing giveaways of e-books and other goodies I’ve been collecting, so stop by one of the blogs and check it out! The last stop will be Ask the Author here and you won’t want to miss that!

blog tour banner

May 21 – Austen Variations
May 25 – The Writings and Ramblings of Colette Saucier
May 26 – Laughing with Lizzie
May 28 – More Agreeably Engaged
May 30 – Release Date
June 1 – My Kids Led Me Back to Pride and Prejudice
June 3 – Austenesque Reviews
June 5 – Sarah Johnson: My Peculiar World
June 8 – Call for Questions – Ask the Author – lldiamondwrites.com


AbigailYoungAnd the big news for May! The incomparable Abigail Reynolds has agreed to be our Ask the Author victim this month, and she has offered giveaways!

Whether you have read her new releases or not, I urge you to stop by and pose a question. Questions about her new releases would be awesome as well, but please be certain to mind the spoilers for those of us who have not read them yet. I for one have Alone with Mr. Darcy, but I haven’t had time to read it as of late. I want to be surprised!

If you have somehow missed Abigail’s newer releases. She was part of a group writing project called The Darcy Brothers that was released just a short time ago, and she released Alone with Mr. Darcy in April. She has been a busy lady!

I will post the call for questions on Monday, May 5, so do stop by and ask her a question! I look forward to reading the amazing questions that I am certain will be posed.


What do you have planned for May?



12 thoughts on “May Preview!!

  1. Lizzybel says:

    I can hardly wait. I so enjoy your books! Will there be a preorder? If not I will put the 30th on calendar as a reminder!


    1. As soon as I get the Kindle file up and waiting, I’ll figure out the preorder. I’ve never done that before, so it should be interesting! I do have several people who have asked, so that always makes it worth it 🙂

      Thanks, Lizzybel!


      1. Leigh says:

        I’d like to be on the pre-order list!


        1. Somehow, I think it can be arranged. 😉
          Thanks, Leigh!


  2. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    Looking forward to your release. Just wondering… now that you are living in the UK, how did that impact the writing of An Unwavering Trust? Already have a question for AR so I’ll be back on that one. Jen


    1. Ooh! I have a few inspirations from several places I’ve visited. We do try to go somewhere at least every two weeks as long as our schedules permit. I don’t know that it’s affected entire story lines so far, but a few descriptions and things that I have seen have worked their way into the story. I wrote a guest post today for the blog tour on one National Trust home and several bits if inspiration that I gleaned from my trip. I have one more that I will probably do based on the Bird in Hand in the story. The inspiration for that was several places, so I’ll have to figure out the best way to describe it! Thanks, Jen!


  3. LĂșthien84 says:

    Happy moving, Leslie. And congrats on the release of another book. Looking forward to the day that it will be published. Thanks for following up on my suggestion to get Abigail as your victim.


    1. Abigail was a great suggestion! She was happy to be asked as well. Thanks, LĂșthien84!


  4. MaryAnn N says:

    Thanks for keeping us all informed! Looking forward to your new novel!


    1. Thanks, Mary Ann!


  5. Ceri says:

    Congratulations on the new book and good luck with the house move, hope it’s not too stressful!


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