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For those who have wondered, I’m still editing! I had family come and visit in February so that knocked me back a bit, but I’m making a concerted effort to bounce back strong this month! I’m seriously shooting for a May publication of An Unwavering Trust. Granted, I have other factors that come into play, but I’m crossing my fingers and toes.

Ask the Author promises to be a lot of fun this month with Wendi Sotis stopping by to answer your questions. Call for questions will post on on Monday, March 9, so stay tuned. Oh, and she’s offered a giveaway to go with her interview! I hope to see you here!

The Expat will hopefully have a few posts go up. The Harry Potter Studio Tour was one of our stops last month and let me tell you–it was amazing! You’ll have to stop back by for the details, though. We also saw a portion of the British Museum, which did not disappoint. If you’re interested in either of those, then definitely stop by and check out my experiences. They might give you the inspiration to do them yourself, or be something to add to your future travel plans.

Sources of inspiration will return. I didn’t post quite as much last month as I do normally, but perhaps, I’ll get one or two of these in! I’ll just have to figure out what I’m going to give you a peek into!

I hope you drop by in March! I have some grand plans!

2 thoughts on “March Preview!

  1. MaryAnnN says:

    Looking forward to your new release! I know I will enjoy it as I have previously enjoyed you other novels.


    1. Awww! Thanks! Nothing is carved in stone yet, but as I said, I have 19 chapters finished and 11 plus a short epilogue to go.


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