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Wow! I owe everyone an apology! In July, I spent a little over two weeks with my daughter in Texas, getting her settled there, before returning to Missouri and moving less than two weeks later. The last thing I wished was to move ourselves, but the office that schedules moves was still backed up (Thank you, Covid!) and while my husband wasn’t technically moving for another month, I wanted the children in school at our new home and not moving a month into the school year.

Fast forward to today, and we’re settled as much as we can be in the new house. We’ve had a myriad of issues crop up, but we’re dealing as best we can. My husband arrived a few days ago and has a bit of time to relax before he starts into work here.

So! What have I been up to? I have been unpacking, caulking (that word would make my children giggle), and unpacking as I can get rooms painted. I’ve also been finishing up the final edits, cover, and proofreading for His Perfect Gift, coming on October 21st to Kindle and Kindle Unlimited! Check out Austen Variations for Chapter 1 and tune in again tomorrow for the cover reveal as well as Chapter 2!

I’ve got a working blurb, but I will probably tweak it a bit more before publication day!

A reacquaintance with Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Christmas in London, what could go wrong?

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a man obsessed. He had fled Hertfordshire with the singular goal of separating himself from the fine eyes and pert opinions of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, but through a connection he never would have expected, he finds himself face to face with her in London of all places. Should he abandon his reservations and court Miss Elizabeth? What of his family and friends? Would they accept Elizabeth or believe him honour-bound to another? The decision as well as the repercussions occupy one’s mind for weeks!

After Mr. Bingley’s abrupt departure from Netherfield, Elizabeth Bennet accompanies her sister Jane to London to visit her aunt and uncle. A sudden reunion with the disagreeable Mr. Darcy is not in her plans, but the gentleman she discovers in town is not the same man who insulted her so grievously at the Meryton Assembly. How is she to reconcile the man she knew in Hertfordshire with the doting brother and amiable gentleman who calls upon her in Cheapside? A quiet Christmas at Gracechurch Street with her aunt and uncle seemed ideal, but the inclusion of Mr. Darcy brings the return of previous acquaintances and conflicts neither expected. A Christmas courtship could be idyllic, yet is Mr. Darcy the suitor for her? Only Elizabeth can decide what will happen and whether she will become Mr. Darcy’s perfect gift.

I started a modern before I left Missouri that I hope to continue any day now. I look forward to losing myself in another story that I can eventually share with you 🙂

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!


2 thoughts on “Time to catch up!

  1. Glynis says:

    I’m definitely going with perfect gift! Fingers and toes all crossed! I hope his cousin doesn’t torment him too much (or reveal any information Darcy would rather keep hidden? 😉🤞🏻
    How on earth you managed to sort this out with all the problems you’ve had with the move I’ll never know! But keep up the excellent work. I just finished rereading Agony and Hope yet again, surely Darcy won’t be tortured quite as much in this one?
    Take care.


  2. Marie H says:

    Looking forward to adding the published version to my Kindle library. 🙂


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