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I think all of us have struggled a bit in the past year. We’ve all been isolated to a certain degree and not able to really go anywhere or do much, but I’m truly not trying to bring all of us down with this post!

As most of you know, I moved internationally almost a year ago and smack dab in the middle of the pandemic. When our household goods arrived, I was thrilled to finally receive everything. We’ve moved 8 times since we’ve been in the military (a couple were house to house moves at the same location!) and this was only the third time we let someone else move our belongings. We had good results with the last two since nothing of major value was damaged irreparably. When our belongings arrived this time, we had a good bit damaged including some sentimental items and heirlooms.

Between the move and the back injury I returned to the US with, I’d been in the dumps for a while. With the last treatment from the doctor, I’ve improved drastically, and I’m in a much better frame of mind. Since we moved and we’re in a new house and I’m trying to get some of what was damaged fixed (if it’s possible), I’ve started noticing things that just make me smile, and I thought I’d start sharing them with you.

Today’s offering was a stackable teapot and tea cup combination from Pier One that was from my mother. The image to the side is similar to my mother’s with the exception that this one was a bright yellow and without the design. I didn’t use it often. My older daughter loved it and often would be found making tea in it. I think I just liked having a bit of continuity from my mother’s kitchen cupboards to mine.

When we unpacked from the move, a large gouge had been taken out of the cup portion. I’m not sure how that happened since it was wrapped within an inch of its life, but it did. Since then, it’s sat in a box, waiting for someone to assess it for the claim. Then, it sat on top of the cube storage that was damaged in the garage, collecting dust.

Since the move, my daughters and I have been enjoying buying and trying (emphasize the “trying”) to keep succulents. My husband and I were in Lowe’s two weekends ago, and they had a 4-pack of teeny tiny succulents, and I immediately thought of this teapot. I brought the pack home and put the tiny succulent in the top of the tea pot (my daughters commandeered the other 3).

Since I planted the tiny succulent, it’s sat on a printer hutch near the door to the back garden so I pass it and can see it when I sit at my desktop to work on book covers. Whenever I see it, that little succulent in the teapot makes me smile. Much to my husband’s dismay. I feel the need to return to Lowe’s and grab another succulent (this time a bit larger) for the tea cup. Perhaps this weekend, I can sucker my husband into it. Now I just need a craft for the tiny lid! 🙂

OH! Tune in tomorrow at Austen Variations! The first somewhat edited chapter of Agony and Hope will go up for your reading enjoyment or stress. 😉 Hope to see you then!

In the meantime, do you have a random tidbit of happiness? I’d love for you to tell me in the comments!

Finished product!

3 thoughts on “Random Tidbits of Happiness

  1. Glynis says:

    I love those! Before I had my children I used to have a number of them. The house we lived in then didn’t have central heating and I think that helped. I’ve never had green fingers but they did ok and I also had a cheese plant and despite my tender loving care (when the soil was shrinking away from the sides of the pot I’d give it a good soaking) it flourished! When we moved to this house the only place I could put it was on the floor but my daughter was almost 1 and very curious so I gave it to my Mum. Since then I did have a spider plant which my budgie assumed was an extra perch, he would sit in the middle of it and peck off the leaves so that had to go.
    It’s such a shame about the damage to your treasured belongings as even if you do get the compensation you deserve, you can never replace them.
    Good luck with your lovely little plants, your back and your new book (can’t wait for tomorrow, although I’ll have to wait until I get home from my hospital treatment until I can read it 😢)
    My tidbit of happiness is that this treatment will reduce the odds of it coming back to 1% 😊 and hopefully I will get my second Covid jab and be able to see my son and his family again!
    Take care! 🥰


    1. I’m so glad the treatments will be so effective and yay for the second Covid jab! My younger daughter is finishing hers up today, and my son got in quick for his first dose on Friday (you saw my post 😉 ) I hope you like what I post tomorrow. The first few chapters are a bit hard. 🙂 I’m afraid we have some stubborn heroes and heroines. Thanks, Glynis!


  2. sheilalmajczan says:

    Sorry about your back injury and your damaged goods. Interesting use of cup and pot. Thanks for sharing.


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