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I was rambling through a museum site that has open access artwork, found this lovely portrait, and thought it was time to spruce up Particular Intentions’ cover. I do love the old one, but I love this one as well. Oddly, I think the paperback is my favorite, when I usually prefer the Kindle cover. I can’t explain it, but there’s something about the way more images fit in the Kindle frame that I prefer.

As of today, the changes should be live. Yay!

Let’s start with the Kindle!

Kindle Cover
Paperback cover!

I even have an audiobook cover! Those take a bit longer since I have to email the cover to Audible and have them make the change.

Audible cover

I hope you love the new cover as much as I do! Now for an outtake! This was part of the blog tour, but I thought I’d share it with you here. I hope you enjoy!

The carriage came to a stop and the door opened. “Lord, but get out! It is so crowded!” Lizzy and Jane exited and Lydia exhaled as she spread herself as much as she could.

Once Mary and her father alighted, Lydia jabbed an elbow to Kitty’s ribs and pushed herself forward to step down from the carriage first. She shook out her skirts as her body hummed in anticipation.

It was a ball! Dancing, food, and soldiers, militia in their red coats, all waiting to dance with her, and she would do all she could to enjoy herself—especially when it came to dancing with Denny or Saunderson or Wickham!

After one last tug at her skirts, she pushed underneath her bosom until her breasts were straining against the edge of her gown. That was better! Now, she would receive more than one application to dance and if she was fortunate, a moment or two on the terrace.

She took a determined step in the direction of the house, but a hand grasped her elbow before she could take another.

“Where do you think you are going?”

She ripped her arm from her father’s hold. “I am following Lizzy and Jane into the ball.”

“You were informed of the rules for this evening before we departed Longbourn. You are to remain by my side when you are not dancing. Do not for one moment believe I have forgotten or I have changed my mind.”

“You cannot be in earnest!”

“Lydia, if you decide to have a tantrum, I will return you to Longbourn where you will remain for the entirety of the night. I will not countenance such an unseemly display in company. ”

Her foot smarted when she stomped the hard earth, packed firm from the numerous carriages which had already passed, but her father did not even flinch.

Her protests had been so vehement the night of the party at Lucas, she had rendered herself hoarse, but her father still did not allow her or Kitty to attend. He was being just as obstinate tonight. Why was he determined to torment her? 

“Come along. Lizzy and Jane are about to enter, and we should greet Mr. Bingley as a family.”

Kitty trailed their father while Lydia crossed her arms under her chest. This was so unfair! She dropped one hand to lift her skirts as she trudged behind her mother; however when they reached the steps, her mother pressed her forward.

“Mr. Bennet,” called Mama, with a wink in her direction. “Surely this is not necessary. Lydia only means to dance with the officers. They will be quite disappointed if she cannot walk to the refreshment table or take the night air.”

Her father made an abrupt stop. “The last thing my daughters will do is venture out of doors with members of the militia. I forbid it! Why you believe that to be acceptable is beyond my comprehension.”

“But they must find husbands!”

Lydia bit her lip and did her best not to bounce on her toes. Her father always capitulated when her mother used that shrill tone.

“If Mr. Darcy’s courtship of Lizzy continues as it should, you will have a home after I die. He is an honourable man and would not leave you and my remaining daughters to starve in the hedgerows. Lydia is too young for marriage and I will not see her wed before she is at least seventeen.”

“Oh, Mr. Bennet!” Her mother dabbed at her eyes, but her father merely rolled his eyes and strode into the house.

When they caught up with Lizzy and Jane, a strange odour tickled her nostrils. She put her fingers to her nose and swallowed hard. Ugh! When did Mr. Collins join them? Was it not bad enough that she had to give him her third set?

She curtsied when they approached Mr. Bingley and the Hursts, then glanced around the ballroom at the guests. Saunderson and Denny would attend would they not? Her first set, however, was meant for Mr. Wickham. His handsome countenance in regimentals was why she had set her cap for him.

She was determined. She would be the first of her sisters wed and it would be to Wickham! His charm, his brilliant smile, and not to mention his firm buttocks would be hers for the rest of her life. Lord, she wanted that man!

Particular Intentions is on Kindle, Free with Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, and Audible!

8 thoughts on “A New Look for Particular Intentions & an outtake!

  1. Glynis says:

    Lovely! Gorgeous dress, it looks quite similar to the original dress!
    Excellent choice of excerpt! I love this ‘I’m in chargs and you’ll do as I say’ Mr Bennet! Lydia definitely needs the control!
    Thank you for sharing this with us! 💐


    1. The other dress didn’t have the collar of sorts, but they’re both white and had a design on the gauzy sleeves 🙂 Writing these outtakes were just fun so I’m glad you enjoyed them. Thanks, Glynis!


  2. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    Loving all of the new covers!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. caroleincanada says:

    I love old paintings and this one is just lovely. I am finding that I have been in the mood for re-reads lately. I think I need to make a list and put each one separately into a bowl and choose!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Sounds like a fun plan for a re-read 🙂


  4. sheilalmajczan says:

    Lovely new cover. I have not read this one but just borrowed it from KU. I am looking forward to reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks, Sheila!


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