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I knew Jane Austen Regency Week would definitely be a different experience with Caroline Jane Knight, 5th great niece of JA, attending and I wasn’t wrong. Sunday morning she had planned the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation Walk for Literacy fundraiser.

Everyone met in front of Jane Austen House Museum where we chatted and took pictures until it was time to walk a route Jane Austen walked often during her lifetime–from her cottage in Chawton to The Swan in Alton where she gathered the post.

Some dressed in their Regency finest for the occasion and some of us chose to wear our usual garb that probably would’ve shocked Jane while we walked, handed out flyers for the foundation, and gathered donations.

We weren’t a huge group but quite a number of familiar faces joined the walk with Caroline and her father Jeremy Knight. Cass Grafton, Joana Starnes, Julia Grantham, Mira (Obsessed With Mr. Darcy), and Sophie Andrews.

Once we made it to The Swan, we all chatted and had tea, coffee, or water until we made the walk back. We were a very merry party while we returned to Chawton and then all moved on to whatever plans we had for the rest of our day. I understand the walk raised more than £3000–a very successful day!


That evening, we attended the talk Caroline gave about writing her book Jane and Me: My Austen Heritage. She spoke of her feelings of being part of the last generation of Knights to grow up in Chawton House and how she found herself embracing her heritage and writing a book of her memories.

Caroline speaks well and has a way of drawing you into her stories and the history of Chawton House. I really enjoyed her talk and if you have the opportunity to hear her speak about her experiences, I definitely recommend it!



Next up! Tying up Regency Week 2018!

4 thoughts on “JA Regency Week 2: The Walk for Literacy and Jane and Me

  1. Anji says:

    It aounds as though it was a wonderful day. I’m hoping to get down to Hampshire for at least the first few days of Regency Week next year. Hopefully the Walk for Literacy is going to be repeated on an annual basis.


    1. I don’t know about it being repeated but we’ll see! I hope you make it!


  2. caroleincanada says:

    What a fabulous day you must have had! Not only Caroline Jane Knight, whose book I bought and read and enjoyed, but Cass, Joana, Julia, Mira and yourself!!! Oh to have met all of you! Now I am jealous of Anji too as she is going next year!!!


    1. It was a lot of fun, Carole! Wish you could’ve joined us!


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