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Yes, I’ve been to both places before, but I had a reason to visit again, so we jumped at the chance. We took the Eurotunnel crossing again and drove to Mons first. We stayed in the same little farmhouse we did the last time though we didn’t make it into Mons until after dark this time and mostly on a quest for food.

We finally found a little restaurant that we decided to take a chance on. It wasn’t anything more than a small family owned place. It was simply called Henri. We took our seats and ordered drinks and prayed they could do something gluten-free since three of us are celiac. The menus did come in English as well as French, so if you decide to try it and don’t speak French fluently, then you can always request a menu. Fortunately, we were able to explain to the waitress what we needed and they let us know if what we wanted to order would work for us.

The food was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves after walking for a while trying to find somewhere to eat with the grocery stores all closed.

The next day, we drove into Brussels and walked around Grand-Place once again, bought chocolates at our favourite place, and rather than brave the search for gluten-free, ate at Hard Rock Cafe. We even stopped inside the Smurf store to look around. My son enjoyed a Belgian waffle too.

We only had about two hours before we had to leave because of parking, so we drove out to a park where we could get a good look at the Atomium from a distance. Atomium was built for the 1958 World’s Fair and today, houses a museum. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go inside since we had reservations on the Eurotunnel to return to the UK. Maybe next time 🙂


Next up… Ireland! We’ll start in Dublin!

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