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Yes, I’m still kicking . . . and writing! LOL!

I still owe you blog posts on my last trip to Venice, but February last year and this year has been a busy time. I coach on a swim team that travels (which is why sometimes a place gets blogged twice!) and we had our Divisionals competition as well as Champs this month. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but the group of kids is amazing and I’m privileged to help them along. They always amaze me with their dedication and the ability to come through when it counts and improve. Most of our swimmers had personal best times, and that alone makes me celebrate.

On a writing note, I’ve completed the Christmas story I started in shorts during December. A bit has changed since then because it didn’t work as well in a longer format, but it’s in betaing at the moment and I plan on releasing it in time for the holiday season this year. I do plan on including the short story at the end for a bit of fun and for those who enjoyed it and would like having a copy in the book. 🙂

So, what am I working on now besides editing? I am back to work on writing a full-length story from the 50 Shades of . . . Jane? shorts. I have six chapters and I’m hoping to get going again now that my schedule has a slight break. When I’ve completed that, my plan is to write Lydia’s story from Particular Attachments. I love Regency, but I do admit that I’m enjoying the break and writing moderns!

I plan to get going again with the travel blog and hopefully, I can think of something clever to fill in with as well. I have trips to Venice (as I said earlier), Belgium, and a quick trip to London and the Aquatics Centre (where I was this weekend!). I didn’t get a lot of pictures there, but it’s still a neat place when you’ve never been.


Until next time, happy reading and safe travels!

4 thoughts on “February Update!

  1. caroleincanada says:

    This is exciting news…you are making your 50 Shades of Jane into a full length book!!! Yippee!! Plus you will have a Christmas story coming out this year! You certainly have been busy along with your coaching! Personal bests only lead to more! Looking forward to your travels and pictures. I hear it’s a bit chilly over there at the moment!


    1. I’m trying, Carole! The weather and our schedule has made it difficult. I have a hard time writing with my children home for snow days! It’s freezing here! It hasn’t been above freezing for the last 48 hours and it’s snowing again! Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. I’m crossing my fingers!


  2. 50 Shades with pure angel Jane? You seem to be so busy! My one daughter was on a swim team for many years and we well remember sitting in the damp environment waiting for a 3-minute race! Looking forward to hearing more about your books or even to reading them. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m always busy! I’ve had two days of snow with my children home and that has helped some. I know well sitting in a warm, damp pool waiting for a race. My 12 year old is upset with me because I wouldn’t sign her up for a meet in London because it was for two days and she only qualified for three events. I wasn’t driving two hours for three races spread out over three days. We already do a lot of travelling for swim without doing that. Anyway! I’m hoping to get something out this summer, but we’ll see how it goes! That’s going to be a push! Thanks, Sheila!


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