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West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village is an archeological site and museum dedicated to the artefacts and culture found in that area of Suffolk. There is evidence that people lived here as far back as the Mesolithic period, approximately 11,600 years ago, and that people have inhabited the area off and on throughout the ages.

In 1849, people became interested in the site and was excavated in the 18th and 19th centuries as well as a more recent excavation between 1956 and 1972. The majority of the structures that were once on this site were called sunken-feature buildings. There were also a great deal of coins as well as pottery found on the site. The museum displays some of these artefacts as well as others that they have found in nearby areas of Suffolk.

On the site now is a series of approximately seven buildings built by researchers in an effort to determine how the Anglo-Saxons built their dwellings as well as what kind of buildings they used. There are also replicas of the weapons used from the earliest times to the medieval times and re-enactments as a part of the tour, including everything from slingshots, to trebuchets, to gonnes, which were medieval hand cannons.

The area also comprises of 125 acres with trails, countryside, heath, which has purple heather on it right now, and walks to explore. There is also a playground, picnic area, and a cafe.




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