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e-book Cover

e-book Cover

Particular Intentions is released! I can once again breathe a bit easier while I hope that everyone is enjoying my new book. Big hugs and thanks to everyone who has already purchased their copy. Your support is what keeps me doing something I love.

Now, I have the second part of the Netherfield ball from Lydia’s point of view for y’all to read and a giveaway, so don’t read and run! Make sure you comment to enter!

If you missed the first part, you can find it here at Austen Variations.






Her father was mortifying! Why did he suddenly care with whom she danced and socialised? He huffed and crossed her arms over her chest as Kitty moved by on Saunderson’s arm. Why did Kitty get to dance and not her? She had always been more popular with the officer! It was not fair!

“If you had not disregarded my wishes, you would be dancing as your sister is.”

“We were to visit the refreshment table, Papa. Nothing untoward could happen while we drink punch.” She scanned the room. Where was Mama? She would not countenance her father’s restrictions.

“I shall not argue with you. Just know you are here by your own design.”

With a huff, she dropped against the wall behind her. He was so unfair!

“Lydia! Why are you not dancing?”

Her mother! She sprang from the wall and clasped to her mother’s arm. “I was to visit the refreshment table after my dance with Denny, but Papa pulled me away. I was so embarrassed! He would not even let me dance the next!”

Her mother stared at her father, her mouth agape and her eyes bulging. “Mr. Bennet!”

“I must confess I do not believe for one moment you were destined for the refreshment table, and in the future, Lieutenant Denny will not be permitted to dance with my daughters.” He glanced to Mary, sitting in the corner reading a book. “Not that I believe some will care.”

Lydia gave a loud exclamation and flounced back against the wall once more. “He is ruining the ball!”

Mama placed a hand to her arm. “You cannot mean to keep her from partaking in the activity for the entire evening?”

“If she cannot follow my simple instructions, then yes, Mrs. Bennet, I do.”

“But my daughters must find husbands!”

“Lydia will not find a suitor behaving as she does. In fact, I would bet my life she agreed to walk outside with this Lieutenant Denny, which could damage her reputation irrevocably as well as that of her sisters. No, Lydia will do as I say or make herself miserable.”

“But she is out! You cannot return her to the nursery!”

Lydia bit her lip and did her best not to bounce on her toes. Her father always capitulated when her mother used that shrill tone.

“If she does not learn, then I shall do just that. I will not have her create a scandal with one of these rakes in a red uniform.”

“Oh, Mr. Bennet!”

“If Mr. Darcy’s courtship of Lizzy continues as it should, you will have a home after I die. He is an honourable man and would not leave you and my remaining daughters to starve in the hedgerows. Lydia is too young for marriage and I will not see her wed before she is at least seventeen.”

“Oh, Mr. Bennet!” Her mother dabbed at her eyes, but her father merely rolled his eyes and returned his attention to Kitty.

Why would he not listen?

“Mrs. Bennet!” her Aunt Philips loudly whispered from several feet away. “You will never guess what I just heard!”

Her mother’s head darted to Aunt Philips, to Mr. Bennet, and then to Lydia. “My dear girl. Take care to enjoy yourself as much as you can.”

Lydia stomped her foot. “But you must help me! I am so bored!”

Without even so much as a turn back, her mother hastened to Aunt Philips side. Her aunt grasped her mother’s forearm and began to whisper in her ear.

She whimpered and crossed her arms over her chest again. How she wanted to cry!

Kitty bounded up on Saunderson’s arm with a wide smile on her face. The little traitor!

“Miss Lydia,” began Saunderson in an unsure manner. “May I have the next dance?”

Her mouth opened but the voice that reached her ears was not her own.

“I apologise but my daughter is not at liberty to accept invitations to dance at present.”

She made a loud wail of protest, causing a few people nearby to stop and stare. With an abrupt motion, she jerked her chin upwards. They could all hang for what she cared! No one present had to endure her father’s injustice as she had this evening. After all, they could do what they liked.

“But Papa! ‘Tis the supper set!”

“And yet, I am unmoved.”

An officer applied to her father for Kitty’s next set and her sister flounced back to the dance floor on his arm.

“If you will cease your pouting, I shall dance with you.”

She huffed. “I could not stand up with my father! How humiliating!”

With a long sigh, he faced the floor to watch Kitty once more. Perhaps he was as annoyed and bored as she was. Well, if he was, it was his own fault! She was not a child and had no intention of being treated as one!





54 thoughts on “Part 2 of Lydia’s Netherfield ball

  1. Karylee Marin says:

    OH, MY GOODNESS!!! You are a font of creativity AND of generosity and thoughtfulness! Wow. SO NICE. I would LOVE the necklace, LOVE the book…. I love that you are doing this. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Karylee


    1. Karylee Marin says:

      BRACELET! Bracelet!! sheesh. LOVE it so much, I went back to gaze upon it once more, then realized my typo. HA. THANK YOU, again, for this lovely giveaway. Kbm


      1. I was going to make sure you realised! If you won, I didn’t want you to be disappointed. Thanks, Karylee!


        1. Karylee Marin says:

          Thank YOU!!!


  2. Oh, but I love your Mr. Bennet. Had he but acted in this manner in canon, the results would have been so much better for all of his daughters. Thank you for the few moments of pure entertainment. Please do not enter me in the drawing as I already have this bracelet. It’s GORGEOUS!!!

    Best wishes for a successful launch, Leslie.


    1. You gave one away here, too! I went on a jewellery hunt a few weeks back. I wanted giveaways for those who already bought the book and it really is perfect for that. Thanks so much, Joy!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Vesper says:

    Surprise Mr Bennet hasn’t acted before (paperback please though I like the bracelet)


    1. He’s really buckled down here and Lydia’s going to fight it with all she has. In the book, we know nothing of this since it’s all from D&E’s point of view. Thanks, Vesper!


  4. Carole in Canada says:

    Just her (Lydia’s) behavior alone shows she should not be out. What ever took Mr. Bennet so long to put his foot down! Looking forward to reading this! I love the bracelet, but would really love to have the book with it’s gorgeous cover grace my bookshelves! Thank you!


    1. Well, he should’ve done it in canon as well. Would have saved the entire family a world of heartache! Thanks, Carole!


  5. tgruy says:

    I would have loved to see Mr. Bennet act like this originally, but then my beloved story would not be the same. I really love the bracelet but would rather have your book. Can you let me know where on Etsy did you get it? Thanks for the giveaway!


    1. You can enter both giveaways, but the store on Etsy actually has multiple versions. You just have to pick which one you like. I was just partial to red. Joy gave away a pink one when she did Ask the Author a while back. They make it when you order it and are running a bit behind if you order one now. You’ll get it but it might take them a bit longer than the 7-10 days they promise for shipping it out. 🙂 https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/91577487/jane-austen-2-pride-and-prejudice-charm?ref=shop_home_active_16

      Thanks, tgruy!


      1. tgruy says:

        If I can enter both please enter me for both!! Thanks you so much!


      2. Will do on the giveaway! Thanks!


  6. Nicole says:

    Finally Lydia do not always get what she wants and Mr Bennet is stay to his word and I can’t wait to read More please make it a real Book – Love the bracelet


    1. I have no plans to extend this further than a series of vignettes. I’ve thought about a sequel from Georgiana’s POV, but not Lydia’s. I plan on putting all of these vignettes together in a PDF form and put them on the free books page at Austen Variations if you’re interested. Thanks, Nicole!


  7. Joanne says:

    Love the story–one of my daughters tried to “perform” like this but it only took a short while when she realized that her actions would not be tolerated (by either mom or dad). The bracelet is lovely and would be wonderful, but your book would also be a great treat. Can’t wait to read the next installment.


    1. So far, neither of my daughters have attempted anything quite like this! My almost 15 year old is more interested in swimming and books than boys at the moment and I’m in no hurry to change that! Thanks, Joanne!


  8. kneyda says:

    What a lovely giveaway! Please put me in for the bracelet as I have the book to read. I can’t comment on the except above as I don’t want to take away from this weekend’s reading. Thank you so much!


    1. One reason I wrote these as I did was because they actually give very little away in terms of the book’s story line. Lydia’s shenanigans at the ball do not come up in the book, except an odd comment or thought. There are other happenings at the ball which are covered instead. Thanks, kneyda!


  9. June says:

    I am so glad you continued this! Makes me wonder whether or not Lydia is capable of change. At least we know her father is.


    1. I think she could be, but she would need long-term consistent discipline to achieve any improvement. He just started around this point, so it’s no wonder she’s being so stubborn about it. Thanks, June!


  10. deborahanne2 says:

    I love what you did with this scene and how Mr. Bennet controls Lydia. Maybe a Novella from her point of view. Anyway, I am so looking forward to reading Particular Intentions. The bracelet is pretty, so please enter me for both. Thank you for the generous give away and writing such wonderful stories.


    1. He’s trying to control Lydia. Sometimes it’s all he can do to keep up with her. Thanks, deborahanne2!


  11. Pam Hunter says:

    I love seeing Mr. Bennet taking his responsibilities as a father seriously. Lydia most definitely needs to return to the nursery!

    Please enter me in the drawing for that lovely bracelet! Thank you!


    1. He’s trying. Don’t be surprised if he looks for some sort of assistance. He’s in over his head. Thanks, Pam!


  12. Patricia Finnegan says:

    I would like to be entered for the charm bracelet. 🙂


    1. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


  13. Carol hoyt says:

    Yea for me Bennett !!!
    Not tgatblydia is stubborn . She just can’t see past her own immediate wishes.

    Enjoyable reading!!!


    1. No, Lydia doesn’t think of anyone other than herself. Thanks, Carol!


  14. Nora Moore says:

    I can’t wait to get this book. I constantly re-read An Unwavering Trust and have high hopes for this one! It would be wonderful to have this scene as well as others from differing POV’s in the book, but I do understand wanting it to develop a certain way. *sigh*

    Book only please. I’m not a huge jewelry person…


    1. I hope this one lives up to your expectations! You’re making me nervous 🙂 Thanks, Nora!


  15. Florence Solowianiuk says:

    I’m glad that Kitty is getting a chance to enjoy herself a bit, and following her father’s instructions. Lydia really should be in the nursery.

    Bracelet, please.


    1. Oh, Lydia isn’t far from being put back in the nursery. Just give her a bit of time! Thanks, Florence!


  16. BeckyC says:

    Wonderful excerpt. Love your Mr Bennet. I would love a chance to win either the book or bracelet. Congratulations!


    1. Hi Becky! You will have a collection worthy of Mrs. Hurst if you win. 😉 Thanks and good luck!


      1. Karylee Marin says:

        Worthy of Mrs. Hurst! ha Got my funny bone!


  17. Suzan Lauder says:

    That was hilarious! Great job of capturing the characters so well! No doubt people will realize that Particular Intentions has similar vivid characters and rush out to read. Love that book. Please review, folks!


    1. Thanks so much, Suzan! I always appreciate wonderful reviews!


  18. Ann says:

    How exciting to read the next bit of this tale. I would like to enter both giveaways as both are international . You are generous Leslie. Look forward to reading the next segment.Thank you


    1. Thanks a bunch, Ann! Good luck!


  19. Rose Drew says:

    Love your Mr. Bennet — both here and in “Particular Intentions”. Combating Mama B’s indulgence and neglect. Great!


    1. He’s trying. Darcy must’ve left some impression when it came to Wickham. Thanks, Rose!


  20. I enjoyed both excerpts. I have the ebook and am currently reading it. I have not made it to this point and now cannot wait.

    Love Mr. Bennet’s can do attitude. Lydia may need the nursery and young girl clothes again to get the big picture that she is still the child and not the parent, as well as, what she does affects her whole family.


    1. Well, we don’t get glimpses of much of this at the ball. You’ll see when you get there. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much, Patty!


  21. darcy400 says:

    I think it is about time that someone wrote about Mr. Bennet checking Lydia and Kitty. I enjoyed the way he put his foot down even in the light of Mrs. Bennet having loudly protested, Lydia will learn to be guarded if he has anything to say about it and this time he does have a lot to say. I really want to read the rest of this now that you whetted my appetite ! The bracelet is beautiful and I am a freak about these thing, please enter me in the giveaway if it is not too late 🙂

    Julie R

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, we get such a tiny glimpse of it in Particular Intentions. I thought it would be interesting and fun to see how far Mr. Bennet actually went. Thanks, Julie!

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Sheila Majczan says:

    Oh, I will take the book. I do plan to read it even if I am not so lucky as to win it. I love that Mr. Bennet seems to be taking the matter in hand. Thanks for the excerpt.


    1. You’re quite welcome, Sheila!


  23. anadarcy says:

    I really like how Mr. Bennet behaves here and I love that Darcy is already courting Elizabeth ❤
    Thank you for doing such a lovely giveaway!!


    1. Yay! They are courting by the Netherfield Ball! Thanks, anadarcy!

      Liked by 1 person

  24. A winner has been selected! I’d love to hear your comments, though! Please leave them if you have them. 🙂


  25. Mary says:

    Credit where credit is due!!! Must applaud this new sensible and seriously minded Mr Bennet!!!

    Great to see him bring so proactive in the management of Lydia’s behaviour.

    It’s really amazing to see him being so masterful and being privy to both Mrs B and Lydia obeying him is quite refreshing to read!!!


    1. It was fun to have him not so stand-offish. I’m glad everyone else has enjoyed this Mr. Bennet as well. Thanks, Mary!


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