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e-book Cover

e-book Cover

I know I’ve been asked repeatedly when I am going to release Particular Intentions. Well, I have good news. I finally set a release date for August 22nd! I have a preorder live on Amazon and I will spend the next several weeks checking digital files and getting it uploaded everywhere else as well as prepping the paperback. I’m so excited to be so close!

In the meantime, I’m answering questions about Particular Intentions (within reason of course!). I’m going to answer as many things as I can think of (mostly the usual questions I am asked), and if I’ve missed any, you can ask in the comments. Of course, I reserve the right to be an evil authoress and keep the answer to myself.


So let’s see what I can answer so far.

What is the blurb from the back of the book?

Who is this Mr. Darcy and what are his intentions?

Like much of Meryton, the Bennets of Longbourn anticipate the arrival of Mr. Bingley and his friends to Netherfield, yet an unexpected visitor is not a part of Mr. Bingley’s or Mr. Darcy’s plans. While the two gentlemen attempt to control their uninvited guest, Elizabeth Bennet arrives to tend to her ill sister. An overheard conversation, the intriguing behaviour of Mr. Darcy, and Miss Bingley’s cloying manner all fascinate her, but manage to throw her emotions into turmoil as well.

As Elizabeth becomes better acquainted with Mr. Darcy, his world unfolds and, if possible, it is more complicated than the man himself! Mysterious strangers and seducers lurk in the shadows—enough to threaten anyone’s equanimity. Elizabeth’s courage will be tested as she not only struggles to discover her own heart, but also why danger seems to surround Mr. Darcy.

Number of word document pages? 254
Number of words? 120,857
Formats? Kindle, Smashwords (so iBooks, Kobo, Oyster, Nook, etc.), and Paperback
Paperback size? 6×9 (I don’t have a page count yet)
Is it part of a series? No. I haven’t ruled out writing a sequel, but it is a stand alone novel.

Is there a hero? Well, of course. Darcy has to be a hero!
Any villains? This is me we’re talking about. Of course!
Did you add any original characters?  Yes!
Is there any angst: Yes, but I don’t think it’s excessive 🙂
How about action: Some
Are there any steamy scenes: I think so!

So to continue 20 questions…what do you want to ask? Just remember, I won’t give out spoilers!








11 thoughts on “Particular Intentions and 20 Questions!

  1. Michelle Hall says:

    Wow. I have read all your books and loved them all. How do you and the other JAFF authors think of all the ideas? My favourite book of yours though, if you don’t mind me saying is The Earl’s Conquest. Read it in one day as just could not put it down. Very much look forward to reading Particular Intentions and not too long to wait now. Thank you!


    1. I had two ideas in my head when I started this one. One was just that I wanted a stronger Bingley and the other was a scene I couldn’t get out of my head and made me giggle whenever I thought of it. It was just a matter of setting it up and taking it from there. I don’t know how everyone comes up with their ideas, but that’s how this book started.

      Oh! I definitely do not mind you saying The Earl’s Conquest is your favourite. I adore Grandmamma. I couldn’t let her go after An Unwavering Trust. She was just too good too pass up writing her backstory.

      Thanks, Michelle!


  2. Glynis says:

    I love all your books but I am torn between Rain & Retribution and An Unwavering Trust as my favourite!!! I can’t wait to read this new one and have pre-ordered it!
    Do Darcy and Elizabeth get together fairly early on in the book 🙂 🙂 or do I have to suffer for longer?


    1. That’s a tough question to answer without giving a bunch away, Glynis! They definitely do not get together as early as An Unwavering Trust. We have to have a bit of courting 🙂 I’m just not going to say how much :p


  3. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    I love the stronger Bingley in this story and wonder how he is going to keep Caroline in check. Though , I guess that would be a kind of spoiler if you told all. I also love the playful Elizabeth and the twist that Gardiner owns Netherfield. I love you you are mixing things up a little. I am guessing that this was a fun story for you to write. Looking forward to more! Jen


    1. It was a really fun story to write! Thanks, Jen!


  4. tgruy says:

    Do we have a Hunsford in this book? Since Bingley is stronger he may not have left Jane…


    1. Oooh! Really difficult question! There isn’t a Hunsford quite like in canon, but there is a sort of Hunsford. I know that probably doesn’t answer matters well, but it’s the best I can do. LOL! Thanks!


  5. Carole in Canada says:

    Can’t wait to read! Does Caroline get her comeuppance from Darcy or Elizabeth or someone else entirely? Oh if Bingley is more assertive what about Jane?

    Thank you!


    1. I think you asked the most complicated question so far. Let’s see…Caroline is tricky. She’s already in the doghouse so to speak. She gets put in her place a good bit in this story. It was so much fun to write, too! Jane isn’t more assertive. She’s very much like canon, so we’ll just have to see how it all plays out. Thanks, Carole!


  6. Sheila Majczan says:

    I am not asking any questions. I have enjoyed the two books I have read by you and am sure I will enjoy this one. I just can’t keep up with all the good books being released or recommended. The cover is lovely.


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