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IMG_2401I had a great time! I may not have stayed for the entire week, but I always love Alton and Chawton and this time was no different! Jane Austen Regency Week is always the third week of June, so if you travel that Friday before to get there a day early, be careful of the traffic on the M25. It’s usually dreadful, but during the Royal Ascot, it’s worse. My trip was extended by an hour and fifteen minutes due to a wreck prior to the M25 and the traffic on the M25.

Alton and Chawton are in the beautiful county of Hampshire. It’s easy to see why Jane Austen would choose to live in this part of the country when her brother gave her the choice. Chawton is idyllic and the old, beautiful cottages teeming with flowers in the gardens and roses trailing up the brick walls always renders me speechless. I love this part of England!

Regency Week always kicks off with a Regency Day and this year was no different. Attractions included stalls, petting animals, musicians, maypole dancers, and people dressed in Regency wardrobes. I manned the Austen Variations stall on my own this year, selling copies of my books as well as those of Maria Grace. I handed out free goodie-bags and even held a drawing for some great Austen related gifts.

I shared my stall with Martyn Dell, a trustee for Jane Austen House Museum, and Jane Hurst, who is a local historian. I don’t think I ever lacked for conversation when I wasn’t talking with passers-by.



Saturday night, I attended the Regency Ball. I don’t have any pictures of myself this year, but I did manage to dance. Joana Starnes has video of the rare occurrence, if you are really curious. I will warn you it wasn’t my best dance. You were supposed to beckon your partner, and I found it awkward with a woman I barely knew. Fortunately, she had a sense of humour about it. 🙂

Leslie DiamondSunday, I set off for Chawton to browse in the antique and crafts fair as well as sight-see. The shire horses from Chawton House Library were gorgeous as they were led through the village and the gardens at Jane Austen House Museum are lovely this time of year. I did stop by the museum to donate copies of my books to the reading room. I’m so excited to have my books there! If you’re in the area, make sure you stop by to see the Prince Regent’s copy of Emma as well as the newly acquired “Sermon’s Scrap!”


Window in Chawton House

I also finally made it into Chawton House and got to see the library. The house itself is so interesting and full of family history with the stained glass windows as well as the occasional exhibit inside. The library is incredible to see (I would love to spend a few hours browsing!), and the gardens were interesting and pretty. Tea at Cassandra’s cup rounded out my day in Chawton before I walked back to Alton.

Monday rained, unfortunately. I had hoped to drive to Winchester for the cathedral, but just couldn’t bring myself to set off in the much and wet. Instead, I had a lazy day before having a wonderful visit with Cassandra Grafton and acting as last-minute fill-in for Maria Grace’s talk.

I wish I could’ve stayed longer, but it was a busy time and I needed to get home.


Huge thanks to Joan at St. Mary’s Hall! You’re the best, hon!


I’ll cover Chawton House in more detail in the next post 🙂

7 thoughts on “Jane Austen Regency Week 2016

  1. Carole in Canada says:

    Wow! It looked like so much fun! Maybe one day I will get to see Chawton House in person. I am jealous you got to spend time with Cassandra Grafton and Joana Starnes! Glad you had a wonderful time.


    1. Joana and I always seem to be hurrying somewhere else when we happen to meet up. I spoke to her a short time at the ball and in passing the next morning as she walked to the Chawton walk with Jane Hurst. She’s a lovely person but we never get a great deal of time these days to catch up. Cassandra was the same this time, unfortunately. She came into town the day I had to leave. We’re a dangerous combination though. We dissolved into giggles just having our photo taken.


  2. suzanlauder says:

    It sounds like fun, Leslie. I hope some day I get to see all these sites and enjoy one of the big events they have related to Jane Austen. It would be so cool to meet the authors and readers I know over there, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should come! I could bring my Jane Hurst books and we could tour Chawton and Alton. 🙂


  3. jenettajames says:

    Lovely piece Leslie – I love that picture of you and your books in the reading room!


  4. Great post, Leslie! Such a shame we kept rushing hither and tither and that I couldn’t stay for the whole week! I wish we could have chatted for longer. Fingers crossed for next time. Loved the ball, what a wonderful event, and so friendly and fun! Lovely to see you enjoying it. Take care and hopefully see you again soon.


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