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Well, we’re almost a week into January, but this is the first day I have to myself since the children were let out of school for Christmas break. What have I written over that break? Nada! I wish I could say I have, but it was impossible. Too many obligations, not to mention the sweet face of my son asking me to sit with him while he watched movies or to play a card game. I couldn’t resist!

Today, my children are back in school, and I’m trying to get back to my usual routine. My spin class was cancelled, so as of this moment, my normal routine is off. I hold out great hope for the next few days. Perhaps by Friday? *snort*

We’re attempting to get out and about, but if you’ve noticed the flooding in England, the weather has not been great. Most days it’s raining, which is usually light or misting but accumulates as much as a heavier storm it seems and the wind this winter has been atrocious. Pretty days are few and far between and we have tried to take advantage, but nothing has been successful; however, I’m still crossing my fingers for an Expat post soon!

In the meantime, I believe I’m 15 chapters into the latest story. No name yet and no beta opinions. I’m not sure, but it’s a bit different from anything I’ve written so far–I think. I’m sure someone will disagree when it finally sees the light of day. I’m biting my fingernails at the thought of someone else finally reading it. Eeek! I’m a big ninny in case people didn’t know!


Also, if you haven’t been over to Austen Variations, please stop in this month. We’re celebrating Jane Bennet in January with a bunch of scenes and stories featuring sweet, beautiful Jane, of course. It should be great fun! I have a post later this month. I need to decide what I want to write, too! Decisions!

Lastly, don’t forget Ask the Author this month! We’re having it a bit later to accommodate schedules, so make sure you come by on 18 January to welcome our newest victim, Beau North!

I’m hoping I’ll have more as the month goes along, but we’ll see. Maybe the weather will miraculously clear and we’ll get out somewhere awesome.

6 thoughts on “January update!

  1. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    Um Leslie, how could you mention 15 chapters and not give one single solitary clue???? Not even Regency vs Modern??? Meanwhile, the month of Jane Bennet sounds fun and I’ll have to check out Beau North. Thanks, Jen


    1. Regency, what-if, actually begins near the beginning of P&P and does and doesn’t follow canon if you know what I mean. There are bits and pieces of it, but a different story of course. 🙂


  2. Suzan Lauder says:

    Love the idea of different, although I can’t imagine what that means. None of your previous novels were cookie-cutter. Please, please send it to Lisa! That would give me hope that I’d get to see it soon, too!


    1. I really wanted to get to 20 before I get Lisa involved. We’ll see. I’m going back through completely at the moment. I have to regain my bearings. Thanks, hon!


  3. Sheila L. M. says:

    So is fifteen chapters half-way, quarter of the way? How close are you to the end? I always enjoy variations of P&P. The southeast of the USA and St. Louis have been hit with very bad weather sadly. However here in Pennsylvania we had very warm Spring like weather until the last few days. There were many out in shorts just a week ago. 71 degrees tied the record high several days before Christmas. Looking forward to hearing more about your story. Happiest of New Years to you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The chapters are shorter than my usual, but based on where I have to get, I’m thinking half. I just need to go back through, clean a bit, and get my bearings again.

      Wow, that temp sounds like a Louisiana Christmas! It has definitely been a crazy year for weather!

      Happy New Year to you too, Sheila!


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