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With the holidays fast approaching, we have one more Ask the Author before this year is done. I can’t believe we’re about to usher in 2016!

So, who is our last Ask the Author victim of 2015?

I’m pleased to say that she is

J. Dawn King!

Joy has now published three JAFF books

with one translated into Spanish,

and I am certain she’s working diligently on something new to tempt us!

Put on those thinking caps and start posting questions! Joy is waiting!

Joy has even come up with a special giveaway.

Joy wants to give one lucky reader this lovely Jane Austen charm bracelet!

Just follow the rules below and you’ll be entered to win. It’s that easy.


Rules for the giveaway – 

If you ask a question on this post, you get 1 chance in the drawing.

If you comment on the final interview, you get 1 chance in the drawing.

If you leave a question and a comment, you get 2 chances in the drawing!

If you already own the book, please join in and ask a question or leave a comment. Authors love answering your questions and hearing from you. 

Please leave those questions below!

Questions must be posted by 11 December, Interview posts 14 December!

34 thoughts on “December – J. Dawn King

  1. Sheila L. M. says:

    Joy and I have bonded over so many things…not only her books and other JAFF books which we have recommended back and forth but also over North & South and a certain sequel online (Pack Clouds Away). She has lent me books while i have also lent her maybe one. Sadly she seems to have all the books before me so I can’t reciprocate more. We also have bonded over “Romance and Remission”.

    Joy, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that you get that Bingley and Jane book out. I did so enjoy reading the raw material. I have laughed over our excessive love of all those men who have or COULD be cast as Darcy if another film is ever shot…David Gandy in particular. Check out her Pinterest Board for Darcy and you will see what I mean.

    Questions: can’t seem to think of any I have not communicated to her directly. Would like to know about a publication date on the next book but I hate to seem like i am putting any pressure on you/her. Things all happened in good time, is a philosophy I seem to adhere to.

    The only question I can think of, and it would be for all authors, is where ever do you come up with the ideas for variations? As much as I read, I can’t say that I have ever had a new idea for a story popped into my head.

    I have read all of Joy’s books and am beginning her daughter’s third book. All very enjoyable.


  2. tgruy says:

    How long did you live in South America? Did your experience influence your writing?


  3. kelli weekly says:

    Since you are in the hot seat, I am going to ask: Who is your favorite sister??? Kelli or Rita??? 😉


    1. Jennifer Joy says:

      I wish I could ‘like’ your question, Aunt Kelli!


      1. kelli weekly says:

        I’m kind of rotten, huh Jennifer! Tee hee


    2. Rita says:

      I know what my answer would be!!! That I am blessed to have the two most amazing women that I know for sister’s, and I love them equally!!! That would be you, Kelli, and you, Joy. You Both make my heart happy!!!


      1. Sheila L. M. says:

        What sweet conversation do we read here!


      2. kelli weekly says:

        I hope you like us the same! Well maybe Rita a LITTLE more, since she would probably never ask that question in the first place!!!♡


    3. Joy…I noticed that in the fine details of your stories, you use personal information from your real life Example: Using JJ’s birth date for Georgiana. Can you give a couple of other examples where you did this? I Love You…And Kelli!!!


  4. What is your favorite non Jane Austen movie?


  5. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    What was your initial inspiration to begin writing JAFF?


  6. Lynn Bischoff says:

    I have really enjoyed all of Joy’s stories and particularly love Married in “One Love, Two Hearts, Three Stories”. I’d like to know what was your inspiration for this story. I thought Georgiana’s character was excellent and very believable for a fifteen year old.


  7. I love your stories, Joy. I do have a question or two for you. When writing, I am sure, you sometimes have moments when your characters just aren’t cooperative. What do you do to get through those rough patches….walk, bake, watch a movie, etc? Which is your favorite Jane Austen novel? If you could meet Jane Austen what would you talk about/ask her? Would you ever consider writing a non P&P variation such as one based upon Persuasion? I think I’ll stop here.


    1. Oh I forgot to ask the second half of the question, Which is your favorite Jane Austen novel? …. And why is it your favorite?


  8. Pam Hunter says:

    Do you try and keep a set schedule for writing, or do you write whenever the inspiration hits you?

    Love your books!

    Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! Beautiful bracelet!


  9. Jennifer Joy says:

    You have some great questions here! (Please don’t enter me in the giveaway because…well…customs. Eck!)
    What I would like to know ask is: What words of wisdom can you share with someone who is thinking of pursuing writing and publishing as a career or hobby? How do you stay motivated?


  10. Tammy Bould says:

    Joy, I have all of your books and have read them several times. Are you still planning on finishing the sequel to A Father’s Sins?


  11. Betty Campbell Madden says:

    And I do repeat myself: you are on my list of very favorite authors with books to read and read again. Ranking your creations, I would, without question, rank Jennifer as your best.

    The best variations, in my opinion, are most credible when the values of the original are not ignored but, instead, are built on as circumstances change from the original source. That said, how many times have you read Jane’s P&P and how recently?I

    Now, how long do I have to wait to add more Joy King creations to my inventory? I’m certainly ready for another good fix! And I’d be so happy, even jubilant, moving my mouse, turning the page, with that coveted bracelet decorating my wrist.:)


  12. Fawn George says:

    Joy do you have any suggestions for a aspiring writer?


  13. Fawn George says:

    I’m so glad your writing books. Especially Jane Austen type. It makes me happy to know and love you Joy. Your my favorite Friend. Keep up the good work.


  14. Mary Michael says:

    So far I haven’t been privileged to read any of your books but I look forward to doing so some day.


  15. Mary Michael says:

    When did you begin writing books?


  16. Marie jones says:

    Since I have and thoroughly enjoyed all your books and audits I was wondering. Are you branching out writing something else, like kids books?


  17. Marie jones says:

    Oops I meant audios


  18. Great to hear you’re Leslie’s December guest, Joy! I loved all your books and looking forward to the next one. So, question time:
    1. Which are your top three favourite Austen novels?
    2. Which is your favourite Mr Knightley in the adaptations?
    3. Who is your second favourite Austen heroine and why?
    4. Which Austen villain do you dislike the most and why?
    5. I love how in your variations the villains don’t get to do much damage, and if Darcy and Elizabeth have challenges to face, they often communicate and face them together. Will it be the same in your next novel?
    6. Georgiana was a very entertaining surprise in ‘Married’ – very different to canon, but deliciously naughty and it was easy to believe why she would act as she did. Do you have another surprise like this in store for us?
    7. Is your next book going to be a novel or a collection of short stories, and how long till the next treat?


  19. Robin Helm says:

    Which of the Pride and Prejudice films is your favorite, and why? (insert evil laugh here)


  20. Dung says:

    Here are my questions: 1) What inspires you to write JAFF (P&P) novels and how do you come up with the plots? What other projects are you working on?


  21. Rhiannen Franklin says:

    How many more ideas do you have for stories? I need more things to read. 😉


  22. Janet T says:

    Hi Joy! It has been great getting to know you through our emails with your blog posts. You are continually an inspiration to me. How do you stay so positive and upbeat all the time? Does your writing help with that or is it part of your character to not let life get you down?

    You mentioned once that ‘The Journey’ by Jan Hahn was part of your inspiration for starting your writing career. What about that book was so special to you?

    I remember reading that you had found your type of writing and it was fluff! Why do you call it fluff?

    I have all of your books and have enjoyed each of them very much. Thank you for sharing them with us and I hope you will continue to write many more for us to read!


  23. ladysusanpdx says:

    I have loved your books!
    Q: After Jane Austen, what deceased author and what living author have been the greatest influence on your writing?


  24. It’s 15 minutes until Saturday here, and after my husband’s office Christmas party, I need to sleep in / have a lie in tomorrow. I’m closing the questions so I can send them to Joy. I’m sorry if you missed the deadline but please comment on the finished interview! Thank you everyone for the amazing participation this month!


  25. schilds says:

    My question is how do you get your ideas on paper? I want to be able to write but I just can’t get the ideas and conversations in my head to make sense on the written page. I envy you this ability. Love you books!


  26. My question is when you plan to get your next book out so your sister by choice will stop going crazy while waiting? ??


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