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We had a late start the morning we visited Lyme Park. My mother-in-law was flying into the Manchester Airport, and had planned Lyme Park for that day because it was less than 30 minutes away. Well, the best laid plans and all. My mother-in-law’s flight was an hour late getting in and a long line at customs delayed her. Fortunately, we hadn’t planned on picking her up right when her plane landed, so it wasn’t a big problem. Her not knowing what terminal she was in did, however! Then, traffic was a bear between the airport and the house.

First off, Lyme Park is huge! And I don’t just mean the house. There are outbuildings, which require a bit of a hike to visit, and that’s on top of the house–it took us over an hour to walk through the tour. Lyme Park is easily a days outing!

For those who know my Jane Austen obsession, a trip to Lyme Park was a necessity. I was eager to see the house that was the exterior of Pemberley in the 1995 BBC mini-series with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, and I enjoyed walking into the courtyard and down the paths that were featured in the movie.

Photographs are not allowed of the interior, which was a disappointment. Some of the furniture is on loan and privately owned, so they do not allow photography–much like featured shows in art museums and pieces on loan. There were some beautiful aspects of the house. It certainly shows its age with a few large cracks in a corridor where the house has settled.

Down in the servant’s area, near the butler’s pantry, they have a room of Edwardian clothing for people to dress up in, but my children showed no interest. One of my daughter’s mentioned later that the clothes smelled a bit funny and had pit stains.

I loved the orangery, which had an exhibition of Axel Scheffler, a german illustrator most famous here for his work on the Gruffalo. Once you walked through the plants on one side, there was a door that led back to the exhibition. The children present were thoroughly enjoying the pictures, which was nice to see.

Due to our later arrival, tea we had in the tearoom, and having to depart before closing to reach where we were staying for check-in, we did not get to explore a great deal of the gardens. We managed to view all of those around the house and some of the paths that circled the lake, so we could get the picture that is most commonly seen of Lyme Park.

I would love to go back to finish the walks around the grounds!





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5 thoughts on “Lyme Park

  1. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:



  2. Michelle Hall says:

    Hi Leslie,

    I too have been to Lyme Park and it is fabulous. I went last November for my 50th birthday and we actually stayed in East Lodge which is are on the actual grounds. I went to Darcy pond where Colin Firth did his famous dive and looking at your photographs brings back all the memories. We are going to go back again hopefully next summer so we can see all the grounds in full bloom. I had to watch P & P 1995 version again when I had seen all the sights and shout out “I have been there”. So glad you enjoyed it X


  3. Michelle Hall says:

    Hi Leslie

    Forgot to say, have you ever been to Derbyshire? I think you would really like it there. There are some fabulous places to visit like Calke Abbey, Hardwick Hall, Keldeston Hall (where they filmed the Duchess) and best of all Sudbury Hall (where they filmed the insides scenes of Pemberley 1995) and you can take pictures inside too. The National Trust do some beautiful cottages which you can hire. We stayed in Ticknall Lodge on the Calke Abbey Estate but they also do a lovely cottage called Park House on the edge of the Keldeston Hall Estate. Hope this helps and apoogies if you have already visited!


    1. We did go to Derbyshire, but only had a few days. My children like some of the houses, but I planned Lyme Park for the first day, Dovedale and Sudbury Hall for the second. My children were having so much fun at Dovedale that we didn’t get to leave in time to go to Sudbury hall, so my husband promised to take me back for it. We did Chatsworth the final day. My mother-in-law was along for the trip and really wanted to go to Scotland. I was the one who after seeing the prices for August in Edinburgh (I had no idea at the time about the Fringe Festival) planned part of the trip for Derbyshire and Yorkshire to save money on accommodations!

      I actually looked at several of the places you mentioned. We stayed in Ashbourne at a Georgian Manor House we found on Airbnb. It was beautiful and backed up to Peak District National Park. The hosts were great too!

      Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂


      1. Michelle Hall says:

        Do you like the Poldark novels? If so, there are some lovely places in Cornwall to visit. It is a beautiful part of the UK. If you fancy a romantic weekend away try and book Doyden Castle, it is fabulous.


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