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During Jane Austen Regency Week, we had a free day, so a group of us ventured to Winchester to the Cathedral so we could see Jane Austen’s grave and the house where she died.

The drive in itself was lovely, and I enjoyed catching glimpses of the picturesque countryside as I drove along. Parking is simple as it was just as we came into town from A31 and we made our way to the cathedral only to find that it was closed to prepare for a flower show that occurs every two years at the Winchester Cathedral.


We were disappointed, but moved on to College Street and the home where she died where we took pictures of the house and the surrounding area as someone pounded away on a piano inside.

A short walk down the road was the Wykeham Arms, a pub that was once a coaching inn and was likely where a post coach carrying Jane Austen would have come into Winchester.

After a quick cup of coffee, we walked down to the mill and toured the old flour mill. The best part of the experience would be going downstairs to see the water wheel, and the small island behind the mill where it now resembles a garden rather than something for livestock.

Winchester has a great old feel and it was a lot of fun just to wander. I can’t wait for next year when the flower show is in Chichester and we can see Jane Austen’s grave! (Why does that seem strange to be excited for that?)


Up next…Lexden Earthworks and Bluebottle Grove

One thought on “Winchester, Hampshire

  1. JerryT says:

    Actuallly I don’t think Jane Austen arrived in Winchester at the coaching inn. She arrived by private cart at the house where she would eventually die. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but this what I remember from reading several biographies.

    Great photos! 🙂


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