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It’s April!

April is always such a cheerful month. The weather is pleasant, the flowers begin blooming-like a preview of what’s to come–and the air begins to smell of spring. I just love this time of year!

April here will reflect nature of sorts here. My posts should all be pleasant, with the release of An Unwavering Trust coming in May-there will be previews of things to come, and hopefully, you enjoy all of it!

First off, Ask the Author for this month features Robin Helm, author of The Guardian Trilogy as well as other wonderful works. She has a new release in the works, so get your questions prepped and ready to post. I’ll be calling for questions on Monday!

I also have a bit of an unveil this month. A big cover unveil! For those who have been waiting so patiently impatiently for the release of An Unwavering Trust, mark your calendars! It is coming in May and I plan on revealing the cover with an excerpt on Austen Variations on 20 April.

In the meantime, expect more posts from the Expat and perhaps a post in Sources of Inspiration. Now that the release of An Unwavering Trust is so close, I may begin to reveal bits of inspiration from that work as well!

I have two scenes from The Scenes Jane Never Wrote posting at Austen Variations this month, so I hope you’ll stop by for those as well. I look forward to reading your comments and insights into my work.

Lastly, I hope to announce a blog tour for the book release as well. I will post a schedule and more whenever I have confirmation of dates.

April looks to be an exciting month and I hope you’ll stop by!



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