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It’s Ask the Author time!

March is here, and I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled to see hints of spring peeking through the cold! Despite the still winter weather in some parts of the world, we have questions that need to be posed!

I’m excited to introduce this month’s Ask the Author guest

Wendi Sotis!

Wendi is the author of The Gypsy Blessing, Promises, All Hallow’s Eve, Dreams and Expectations, The Keys for Loveand Foundation of Love.

Foundation of Love150dpi

But wait!!! Wendi is offering one e-book of Foundation of Love as a giveaway! Usual rules apply – Every person who submits a question gets one chance entered into the pot. If you submit a question and a comment on the final interview you get two chances!

I hope everyone will welcome Wendi with a question or two!

All questions must be submitted by Friday, 13 March.

The final interview will be posted Monday, 16 March.

Final date for comments to be entered into the drawing Wednesday, 18 March.

Winner will be announced Friday, 20 March! 

Leave me your questions in the comments below!

Good luck everyone!!

All blurbs from Amazon.com

Promises –  

Adapting characters from Jane Austen’s much-loved tale, this novel takes Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy on a much different journey than Austen did in Pride and Prejudice. 

Through their fathers’ friendship, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy meet as children. Over the years, their feelings for each other grow and they promise themselves to each other, but unfortunate circumstances and interfering family members seek to keep them apart.

Will misunderstandings and mistaken impressions divide Elizabeth and William forever?

All Hallow’s Eve – 

Since ancient times, every Halloween, the ritual of Sanun is performed, freeing the dead to interact with the living for one night. One Evil Soul discovers a way to hide from the Return, remaining on Earth to meddle with the fates of the living. As the centuries pass, It begins to search for the High Priestess, intending to force her to do its bidding, no matter the cost.  

Appearances can be deceiving, even in Regency England. To most, Elizabeth Bennet is simply the second daughter of an insignificant country squire, but in truth, she is High Priestess and leader of an ancient cult secretly co-existing alongside British society. Confusion reigns when she learns that the man she despises, Fitzwilliam Darcy, is her Soul Mate, assigned to protect her from Evil. Can they work together to preserve the future?

Dreams and Expectations – 

While staying true to the characters of Jane Austen’s much-loved tale, this novel takes Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy on a much different journey than Austen did in Pride and Prejudice. 

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet quickly recognize their feelings for each other and form a friendship, but misunderstandings and a bit of mystery and adventure hinder their path to happiness.

The Gypsy Blessing – 

While taking a solitary ramble on her father’s estate, Elizabeth Bennet finds an injured woman, cares for her, and helps her return to her gypsy camp. For her exceptional kindness, Elizabeth is awarded a blessing, bestowed through gypsy magic.

Forgetting the incident, Elizabeth thinks it merely odd when she begins to receive drawings in the mail with no return address—until she recognizes these same scenes as they become true events in her life. Through the blessing, circumstances bring Elizabeth and Jane Bennet to Ramsgate, where they meet Georgiana and Fitzwilliam Darcy, along with a charming young man named George Wickham. 
Will Elizabeth’s efforts to reshape future events alter her destiny?

The Keys for Love – 

In this sweet Pride and Prejudice-inspired romance, William Darcy has finally torn himself away from work to join his sister at their vacation house in the Florida Keys. There, he meets his sister’s new friend, Elizabeth Bennet, the housesitter staying next door. 

A light, fluffy, feel-good short story/novella. No graphic love scenes.

9 thoughts on “March – Wendi Sotis

  1. Wendi Sotis says:

    Thanks for hosting me! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s questions 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kneyda says:

    Were you a fan of Dark Shadows? I kept thiking of Sandor and Magda throughout The Gypsy Blessing.


  3. Dung says:

    The premises for your books are so intriguing. How do you come up with the concepts for your stories both modern and regency? Do you have a preference on modern adaptations or regency?


  4. Jennifer Redlarczyk says:

    Wendy, you have such a variety of genres in your stories. Is there any one that you favor? Jen Red PS Hope you are staying healthy these days.


  5. I just might have a few questions for Wendi. Here goes!

    1) You have triplets and a husband. When do you find time to write?
    2) What do your children think of seeing Mom’s name in print?
    3) Of all of Jane Austen’s characters, who do you identify with the most?
    4) Do you write with an outline or fly by the seat of you pants?
    5) We promise to keep your secret, which is your favorite time period to write? Regency? Modern? Future?
    6) If you had Mary, Kitty, and Lydia as your three, what steps would you take to improve their character?

    Thank you so much for this feature. – Joy


  6. LOL Joy – always the overachiever huh!!!

    Oh yay!!! I am so excited you have Wendi this month! I can’t wait to hear what she has to say!

    Ok what I want to know is: Out of all the stories you have written, all the scenes in each – what stands out as your favorite of all and why?


  7. Zoe Burton says:

    Hi Wendi! I’m so excited to read your answers to these questions! My question is similar to Sarah’s…which story (not just scene, but story) you have written is your favorite and why?


  8. MaryAnnN says:

    Hi Wendi,
    I have read all your novels and am wondering if you always had such a vivid imagination as to come up with these ideas for these interesting novels as a child? It amazed me that you could like these ideas to a different period of time. I hope you continue to write as they are very delightful to read

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi everyone! Call for questions is over and the finished interview is posted. Thanks!


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