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February is set to be a fun month! 


To start, we have the lovely Zoe Burton for Ask the Author. She is offering a copy of her e-book I Promise to… to one lucky winner, so stop by the call for questions and ask something–get your name in the bucket for a chance at that e-book!

AV anniversary gradientFebruary is a busy month over at Austen Variations as well. If you haven’t dropped by to see our facelift, then please do! I love the new look, and we timed the unveiling with our Anniversary celebration. Yes, Austen Variations is one year old, and to mark the milestone, we’re having a month-long party on the blog. Have you ever wondered what our favourite Jane Austen characters were doing one year after their marriage? Well, you can read our ideas at Austen Variations. I am writing a scene with Mr. and Mrs. Collins, which was a lot of fun to write.

Are you a Persuasion fan? Then, don’t forget Persuasion 200 at Austen Variations as well. I am contributing two posts this month to that wonderful endeavour, and I hope you’ll stop by and read my scenes and leave me a comment! (There is a blog button on the side to take you directly to the page! Go ahead and give it a click when you’re done.)

The Expat has been a bit busy lately, but she has a lot of outings planned and will be returning soon. Some locations of interest include: The Harry Potter Studio Tour (I know. Not JA, but I love HP too!), the Tower of London tour, and the British Museum. I don’t know if I will get to blogging them all this month, but I’ll definitely blog them eventually!

Lastly, my new posts, Sources of Inspiration, will take you through the Antebellum houses of A Matter of Chance. If I have time, I will also give you a sneak peek of Darcy’s estate Sagamore in An Unwavering Trust. It’s an amazing property, and I wish it was open to the public. I’d just love to be like Elizabeth Bennet for a day and ramble the grounds!

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me for a great month of Jane Austen, travel, and inspiration!


Happy Valentines to all of you!

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