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Happy New Year to everyone! My wish is for everyone to have more happiness to remember than regrets. After all, we should always remember the past as it gives us pleasure! May you all fulfil a dream during 2015! In case you didn’t see my Facebook post, we had a quiet New Years here, celebrating by staying up past midnight to watch the New Years Fireworks in London on the telly. Even on the TV, they were the most amazing fireworks and light show I’ve ever seen.

Now that January is here, what is in store for the month? Let’s see…Editing on An Unwavering Trust slowed to a crawl during the beginning of the holidays, but my plot beta just sent me her second set of corrections on the final chapters and the epilogue.

I am hoping to have some great places to blog over the next month, but I am caught up with our travels. We will need to go somewhere soon. The holidays slowed sight-seeing down a great deal as well. I did tell my husband that we’ve been homebodies too much lately. We’ve been here eight months–times a wastin’!

For those who remember Cat T. Gardiner from her Ask the Author interview, I have a guest post on her blog this month. She had wanted it from one perspective, and it sort of morphed into something slightly different. I’ll definitely let everyone know when it posts.

I will also have an announcement on January 22! I’m not giving any hints, so you’ll simply have to wait to find out! I’m super-excited about it and I hope you will be too!

To round out the month, I have another post over at Austen Variations on January 28. I’m writing a behind-the-scenes for Jane in January. I just need to get it written!

I apologize for no Ask the Author. I’ve had no one indicate they were interested, and I’ve been busy during the holidays. I’m still hoping to find someone by the end of the month, and you’ll probably know when I do. If you are an author and would like to participate, please message me. I’d love to have you!

Again, Happy New Year to all of you!


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