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A lot of news for me in the last month!  We moved all the way from Nebraska to England.  Just a little hop!  LOL!  I’m working today on catching up on a few things that I’ve been putting off in the hopes to get going again on writing.  We’re still stuck in temporary housing and it’s really hard to get much done.  This morning I was in one room working and also trying to stop arguments between my children in the other room.  It is raining today, and we don’t have a mode of transportation that I can use on my own.  We won’t even get started on me driving!  It has been interesting–to say the least!

Then Meredith posted the great picture of my book at the beach.


I knew that she would probably review A Matter of Chance soon, but I just happened to look to see what she was reading one day and there was the review.  4 out of 5 stars!  I’m my own worst critic, so I was excited to see that she liked it as much as she did.


Today, since I’m getting some work done, I posted a short story here, and I’m actually blogging!  I also updated the photo in the header.  The last was a mill pond behind a vacation house where we stayed in Maine.  The new one is a view of the Cathedral in Ely from a park nearby.  I feel so productive today.  Maybe one day I’ll get used to keeping up multiple pages and sites.


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