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I really am!  I was told to go for it, and I would find my voice. I’m still looking for it. (*looks around*) I know it’s here somewhere!

Anyway, I promise to try to do better. Perhaps when I graduate, which is at the end of this spring. I started classes today and I will be a busy girl the next few months. I have the normal classwork, client work (for the student AIGA chapter), and lastly, my thesis project. Oh! And I’m moving this spring. For now, the destination will be a mystery, but I promise to post a picture of me in the new location for this page.

Not that I needed any more on my plate, but I started a new book. It’s a bit different than my last two. I seem to completely change things when I start a new story. I’m excited and yet wary about it. I’ve never written what I consider high angst, but angst weenies beware! I guess I’ll find out while it’s being beta’d. I know that two of my betas from Rain and Retribution and A Matter of Chance will happily beta this new one. Lisa will make the usual fun comments in the margin that relate to sporks and penknives. Kristi will likely hide behind the blue sofa (If anyone doesn’t read on the JAFF boards, a blue sofa is a warning for high angst.).  Perhaps I’ll somehow send her some chocolates to make up for the stress.  Us angst weenies need to stick together!

As for news, Meredith at Austenesque Reviews is currently reading Rain and Retribution. I’m looking forward to her opinion and yet I will probably read it with my hands over my face, peeking between my fingers. I’ve had reviews on Amazon, of course, but this is the beginning of a whole new ball game. I’ll update should Meredith be kind and give me a glowing review.

I’ve also submitted both Rain and Retribution and A Matter of Chance to Diary of an Eccentric to review. Anna has been looking for new JAFF to read, and she emailed me back very quickly to let me know that she was interested in both.  Fingers crossed that she likes them!

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