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Happy Valentines Day to everyone this upcoming weekend! 

I hope you’re ready because we have a new author with a new release as our Ask the Author victim this month.

Jennifer Joy!




Her latest book

Accusing Elizabeth


joins Jennifer’s long list of accomplishments!
Earning Darcy’s Trust, Darcy’s Ultimatum, Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge, and Anne’s Adversity.

I’m so excited to welcome her to Ask the Author! I’m sure you are too, so let’s get those questions rolling in!

Oh! And not only is Jennifer going to answer your questions but she has four e-books of Accusing Elizabeth to giveaway! Yes, you saw that correctly, we’ll have four winners this month, so ask and comment so you can win!

The giveaway is open internationally!

Rules for the giveaway – 

If you ask a question on this post, you get 1 chance in the drawing.

If you comment on the final interview, you get 1 chance in the drawing.

If you leave a question and a comment, you get 2 chances in the drawing!

Please join in and ask a question or leave a comment. Authors love answering your questions and hearing from you! 

**Final date for questions is Thursday, 11 February, 2016**
(We’ve been getting more and more questions and the authors had little time to answer them, so I’m giving them an extra day.)

Interview posts Monday, 15 February
Last day for comments for the giveaway is Wednesday 17 February.

15 thoughts on “February 2016 – Jennifer Joy

  1. I have a few questions for you Jennifer Joy. Here goes:
    How much influence has your mother’s being an author had on you? and how much has her encouragement helped you to persevere?
    Do you have a special time of day and place to write?
    When you hit a block, what do you do to get yourself back on track: sing, read, clean, bake, etc?
    Which is your favorite Jane Austen novel and why?
    Who is your favorite Jane Austen villain and why?


  2. When someone found out that this month’s Ask the Author guest was Jennifer Joy, she almost immediately messaged me this:

    We have an anonymous entrant who has many questions for Jennifer Joy. I did a bit of digging for clues and found out the entrant used to live in Ecuador, now lives in Oregon, is a grandmother of twins, and loves Jane Austen. I wonder who it could be?
    1) Is your personality more like Elizabeth Bennet, Elinor Dashwood, Anne Elliott, or Jo March?
    2) How would you describe the perfect hero?
    3) You seem to be leaning towards cozy mysteries with your latest stories. Do you plan to continue the mystery theme?
    4) If you could be on a deserted island with one of Jane Austen’s characters for one year, who would you choose?
    5) Would you describe yourself as an accomplished woman?
    6) Other than writing, what is the skill you possess that you are proudest of?
    7) How difficult is it to keep the Spanish influence out of your Regency dialogue?
    8) If you could travel back in time to visit Jane Austen’s house for a two-month stay, what three items would you take with you?
    9) Would you describe yourself as romantic or pragmatic?
    10) What has been your most valuable lesson learned since publishing your first book?
    11) Why are you so hard on your mother when you proofread her stories?
    12) What draws you to Pride and Prejudice?
    13) Which do you prefer – the book or the movies?
    14) As the Chief Inspector of the Grammar Police, what is your biggest pet peeve when you read a stories with errors in it?
    15) If you could have a cup of coffee with anyone who has died in the past 250 years, who would it be?


    1. Jennifer Joy says:

      ‘Someone’ sounds an awful lot like my mother! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Marie jones says:

    A this is not a question.its a true statement. I love and am so proud of my granddaughter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jennifer Joy says:

      Everyone needs a grandma like you, Mammy! I love you too!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sheila L. M. says:

    I have read this book so don’t enter me in the competition, but, Jennifer, how much did your mother’s success push you to write or do you think you would have done this sooner or later even if she didn’t? I admire all you authors, but have no ideas at all for a story so have not desire to write. How so you come up with ideas?


  5. Carole in Canada says:

    Is there any possibility of you writing a sequel to your Cousins Trilogy? I loved ‘your Anne’ and would love to know how you envisaged her life with Luc.


  6. Carole in Canada says:

    Jennifer, I loved your Cousins trilogy so I was wondering if you would consider writing a sequel for it? I loved how you developed Anne and would love to know how you envisage her in married life with Luc? Thank you for the chance to win your newest book!

    P.S. I wrote this previously but it didn’t appear, so I tried again! This time signing up on your website Leslie!


    1. I just noticed that Carole! It isn’t a problem. Like the Austen Variations site, I have it set up so that I have to approve the first post anyone makes. Keeps the spammers away! 🙂


  7. Dung says:

    Joy, you’re too funny!

    1) What made you decide to follow in your mom’s footsteps and write P&P stories?

    2) How did you come up with the inspiration for this story? I love the pig scene!

    3). Any upcoming projects you’re working on?


  8. I’m always interested in versions that place our characters is slightly different situations, such as being accused of a crime. How people act in – and respond to – adversity is such an indication of their true character. I was going to ask about your inspiration for this unique plot, but someone has beaten me to that, so instead I’ll ask if you have any favourite mystery series / fictional detectives which might have inspired the course of action (as opposed to the plot itself).


  9. Miriam says:

    I didnt knownher mither was a pp author too!! I havent read these yet! Theyvare going on my good reads want to read!!


  10. MIRIAM says:

    My question! What made youbstart writing variations? I Loved pride and prejudice and read it a few times a year and when I found my first variation i was in heaven!! I am so grateful for all the variation authors! And i am now curious what made them write them?


  11. Natalie R. says:

    I have been eyeing this book for a couple of weeks now because it looks like such a fun premise!

    My question is: Which of Miss Austen’s characters is most difficult for you to write, and why, and which is the easiest?


  12. Call for questions is closed! Thanks so much to everyone for another great interview! Jennifer’s answers post Monday.


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