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I don’t know about you, but I’m always busy during the holiday season and this year is no different. In fact, I believe it is worse! The blog has quieted down some since I have had little time for travel and sightseeing, but I hope to get out and about and blogging again soon!

So what have I been up to? Well, my children and my husband (a.k.a. my oldest) have all decided to pass around a nasty cough virus. So far, I haven’t noticed that I’ve had it (*knock on wood*), and I’m still hoping it passes without dragging me down with it!

Swimming has been keeping me busy the last two months as well. I began swimming with a swim club here in May and the distance championships as well as the club championships have kept me busy. I won’t say that I’m a fast swimmer since I’ve been a couch potato for the last four years, but I’m trying! At this point some 10 year olds beat me, but oh well. I’ll just do my old lady 50m front crawl and take my time. As long as it’s a personal best, I’m happy.

On the JAFF side of things, I’m writing! I think I’m on Chapter 13, so I’m plugging right along and loving it. I’m involved in the holiday event this month at Austen Variations. We’re having 12 days of holiday themed posts and giveaways! I hope you’ll stop by and check that out this month.

Meredith at Austenesque Reviews is to read and review The Earl’s Conquest (*bites nails*). She’s such a nice person, but the entire review process always makes me nervous. I’m crossing my fingers that she likes it!



The last bit coming up is Ask the Author! Don’t forget to get your questions ready because on Monday, we’ll rev things back up with J. Dawn King! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! You don’t want to miss it either. She’s got a great giveaway lined up!

I hope everyone has a happy, safe, and blessed holiday season! 


6 thoughts on “December preview

  1. tgruy says:

    Lovely post! I hope the virus passed you by and I’m so glad you are writing another book. I love your stories even if I am somewhat behind. Have a wonderful winter!


    1. Thank you so much! As for the virusI hope it’s passed me by, but I suppose we’ll find out in the next week or so. It’s hit all three children and my husband, so I’m just assuming it will hit me eventually. I hope it doesn’t. I don’t want it!! I don’t really have time for it. 🙂


  2. justjane1813 says:

    Hope you stay healthy !! I look forward to reading the new book and wish you well with the new writing piece.


  3. Great to hear you got to Chapter 13 already! Best of luck and lots of inspiration! Great to hear you managed to avoid catching a cold (nasty horrible stuff!), have fun swimming and a wonderful Christmastime with your family! Looking forward to Joy’s ‘Ask the Author!’


    1. I can’t believe I’m on Chapter 13, but my chapters aren’t always as long as my previous books. I’m thinking 30 chapters on this one, but we’ll see. It just depends. I hope you have a happy and safe Christmas as well, Joana! Thanks!


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