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Hi everyone! No video this time, sorry. I will probably do them from time to time, but I just wasn’t in a video mood this time around. My daughter is my camerawoman anyway, and she’s in school at the moment. So, enough about all of that, I know you want to know about who won the giveaway, and I won’t leave you in suspense any longer.

Winner of the Lucky 13 ebook is


Congrats! I hope to see you commenting on other interviews in the future as well!

Winner of the promotional prize is

Tresha B!

(Cat mentioned what the prize is, Tresha, and I’m jealous!)

Congratulations, Tresha! I want to see you back and commenting again, too!

I’d like to thank Cat T. Gardiner for dropping by and chatting with us

and I’d like to say

a huge

Thank you!

to everyone who submitted questions and made comments on the interview.

Your participation make Ask the Author more interesting and fun for everyone.

Keep submitting those great questions!

We have a joke at AHA that authors are attention whores.

We also love comments, so keep ’em comin’!

One thought on “GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!!! LUCKY 13

  1. Cat Gardiner says:

    Lucky Gals! ♥ CONGRATULATIONS, UKSIS & TRESHA!! Just email me at cattgardiner@gmail.com with your information and they’re on the way! Thank you so much for participating. ~cat


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